Recent Gold 1 LF duo partner (EU)


I have started to play HoTs very actively recently (created account about 3 years ago, but started to actually play recently, about a month ago).
Climbed from Silver 3 to Gold 2 pretty fast and continue to do so.

My main role: healer (have 69% WR on my main, Reghar, about 70+ games total, only counting Storm League).

Overall WR: 57% (121 wins, 92 losses).

I also can fill any role (but still, prefer healers).

My expectations: to climb to Plat 2-3 within 1-2 weeks.

I can use voice com without any probs (though if you are native english speaker, I have an accent, just mentioning).

What I seek from my duo buddy:

  • rank: Gold 3 and higher;
  • thinks with his/her head, doesn’t run around the map like a headless chicken;
  • starts to think about the game during pick/ban phase (examples: 1st pick tychus/dw, picking orb ming against double sup and etc. Actually, picking orb ming at all);
  • general game knoweldge (when to take camps, when to leave objective and push a lane and/or take a camp, etc); I by no means try to pretend I know it all perfectly. It is far from the truth. What I have is a semi-solid understanding of what to do and when. That doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. I do. So I do not expect anyone to be a “perfect” player. Can’t demand that since I am very far from that as well;
  • tilt-resistant: very important. I am not a saint and honestly, I flamed quiet a lot before and got a ban for it for 1 day. Since then I “rewired” my brain and behaviour and try my best to be constructive and calm. Hence I do not require from my duo-partner to be always calm and steady: I perfectly understand what frustration and anger is. But if we want to win - we better let it go, because it litteraly destroyes our potential to grow (quick note: now if I even tilt, I call a very bad player a pepega or potato. Happens rarely, but it does happen);
  • willing to learn and be patient. As I mentioned above, I am not perfect, so I don’t expect anything from you that I myself can not provide. I will do mistakes and you will do as well, I am sure. It would be great, if we can discuss it after the game.

If you are interested - feel free to add me Skjal #21891


Hello! I’m interested. I’m currently bouncing around diamond and platinum border (diamond 5 - platinum 1). My main role is ranged assassin (mostly physical damage dealers), also i’m good healer, can go solo laner and do my job decently, but i never tank unless everybody else locked instantly and i have to fill lol.

I’m most comfortable when I have a back line babysitter healer (morales, brightwing, auriel etc.,) and can pretty much carry the game. But I guess rehgar is fine too.

Hit me up if you are interested. Taledra#1819

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I sent you a friend request)