RD and X back destroying ranked

RD and X (not real names) are back. Every Aussie and NZ person who has played ranked knows them, from Bronze to GM. RD used to buy master accounts and tank them till bronze. X would just created new accounts play Syl and afk and sometime say he would “decide who would win or lose” AFK or throw if he wanted to.

Even with the Aussie servers almost dead RD is back in action. Blizzard doesn’t care about these AKF griefers, only about naughty words that aren’t even naughty.

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He’s back with a vengeance. He has an old bought account that is plat and is running it to Bronze convincing everyone he is not feeding (14 deaths) or AFK (disconnected 10 minutes of the game) and blames others.

This person is loathsome.