Raynor- Execute Order Bug (ARAM)


Raynor’s new level 20, execute order, sets his respawn timer at 6 seconds in ARAM



Please follow up on this ASAP Blizzard. Raynor should not have a respawn timer shorter than Murky’s with a hyperion cast every time he does (while running at our buildings/core)


Why is this not fixed yet? RAYNOR IS COMPLETELY BROKEN IN ARAM.


Agree. This is completely broken. ARAMs with Raynor in them are completely unplayable.


Blizzard may be fix this?
6 seconds respawn… it is very strong


and a free ult! if this isn’t fixed i stop playing until it is!

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ARAM is not worth playing until Raynor is fixed, Blizz. So, as someone who exclusively plays ARAM, I might as well uninstall your best game until the next patch.

Patch notes today said they made it unpickable in ARAM, yet I just went against a Raynor in ARAM that used it. Not actually disabled?

Can confirm, Raynor players are still abusing this. Pickable and still bugged at 6 seconds.

Can confirm, Execute orders is still not fixed on ARAM despite what the patch notes say.

The (7) seconds part is not bugged, as the talent (despite what it says) reduces his death timer by 35 seconds. The max death timer in ARAM is 42 seconds, whereas in normal games it’s 65.

So the only reasonable thing to do was to remove this talent completely from ARAM. Which was supposedly done this patch, but it isn’t (the patch notes only say it’s removed). They forgot to disable it.

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Can confirm. Still not fixed Blizzard. Just lost an aram to a Raynor suiciding at their core, getting the free ult and respawning in 5 seconds over and over.

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It’s now disabled in ARAM with today’s release noteless patch.