Ranked low score

in ranked games i’m only getting 50 points when i win, and i can’t go up at all, please help me

Its not a bug, its a bad system and thats how it works, some people get even less than that.

You will only go up in ranked if you are consistently better than the people you play with. The amount of points you earn or lose depends on what rank you are and how certain the system is that you should be at that rank. If you are averaging ~50% win rate then chances are the system has you at the correct rank that matches your skill level.

this is impossible because I have always been silver 1 , after a while , with the md3 that lose 500 points if you win , and if you win you win 500 , I went down with troll players and in some cases they didn’t know what to do and I went down each time more , until I got bronze 3 , from then on , it started to gain 100 points and lose 300 - 250 … until it drops to bronze 5 and I’m stuck on it until today

Losing more points than you gain might be caused by you losing more games than you are winning so the system is trying to get you to a lower rank fast to bring your win rate back up. In other words it has evidence to believe you are currently being matched above your skill level so trying to quickly find your skill level.

Lower bronze is a compressed league meaning that rank points have increased meaning. At the very bottom of Bronze 5 it is fairly common for people to gain or lose single digit number of points. The system still works but can take some time to leave due to the huge number of people encompassed by Bronze 5.

Skilled players can still easily leave Bronze 5. Anything below Platinum is fairly easy to carry and win consistently for skilled players. The issue you seem to be having is that the skill difference between silver and bronze is not that big so a few unlucky or lucky streaks can move you between the ranks.

damn I’ve had this account since the game’s launch, and now since last season more or less I’ve been stuck on it… I lost 300 points on average and gained 100 - 150… until it dropped from silver 1 to bronze 5

you said it is easy to carry anyone below platinum, even with 5 people on the team would carry 4… can you teach me how to do this? please …

Many streamers have done it and videoed their attempts in bronze 5 to master challenges. They are quite skilled though (usually float around master+ MMR).