Quality of players in QM

People don’t want to accept the sad fact the active player population is decreasing. I mean the OP is blaming matchmaking on “SJW”, so well, okay! :smile:


You cannot say that you are not seeing this trend in the whole western world leaking into gaming/dev communities… Unless you are one of them…

No… I said that I think this kind of SJW-esque thinking of catering to the lowest skilled, new and poor poor little players who get picked on for being bad (because doing that makes you feel like a better person sticking out for the less fortunate/skilled). Is the reason the devs are outright refusing to make the matchmaker discriminate against bad players.

:grinning: well, bit offtopic but actiblizz removed the :ok_hand: (hand ok sign) from CoD because it represents “white supremacy” and is used by “white supremacists” to show their supremacy.

One thing I have to agree is that catering to snowflakes and potatoes is bad for longterm game population development.
And here we are, 4 years later…

This guy understands, and yes the “ok” sign was removed, but little do they know that it’s started by internet trolls to make them believe it is a white-supremacist symbol and they jumped on it immediately, proving that they cater to people like SJWs would.

SJWs only care about optics, not what is best. That’s why they only see diversity of people’s skin colors instead of the content of their character or ideas. They are the most symbol-minded people out there. It’s actually quite sad because they were fooled into thinking that they are good people for fighting for their “cause”. Their intentions are good, but they are absolutely clueless as to how things actually work. That’s why I say they only care about optics, that’s all their poisoned minds are able to see. And in 2020, admitting you were wrong on something that basically now defines your existence will never happen, so they keep doubling down until they “win” But little do they know, everything they do is going against everything they actually want and care for. I’d love to meet the people behind the curtains who orchestrated this whole “movement”, and quite successfully, I must add.

Why are you looking for top level talent outside of the competitive mode?
But my experience is different.
When I play QM they feel just about as skilled as when I play ranked with diamond players.


No, it answers nothing.

This answers everything:

There is no conspiracy to make bad players feed good and good players feel bad. It’s just basic math, intended to cope with an anemic population while keeping search times reasonable.

All this crap about SJW-esque thinking and the decline of the West – there’s a thread somewhere else around here with a rant about player cowardice – is just self-gratifying paranoia from far-right Internet tough guys. (Probably Boomers, to boot.)

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I’m not a doctor either… allow me to give you my best suggestions on whether you have a tumor or not.

Did you even read it? Get outta here.

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I guess a centrist is far right to any SJW…

You know this because???

My whole point (minus the rant) is that we need quality control. I should be allowed to play with people of similar skill without needing to play 100s of games. 5 to 10 games should tell any competent designer how good I am at their game and they should place me vs others of similar skill.

I have 0 desire to play with or against people that are of lower skill than me unless I party with them. I would, however be 100% ok being the worst in every game, that way I control the outcome and can only get better. I cannot get better if I have 4 potatoes on my team and I also cannot do it if the enemy team is full of potatoes. Who in their right mind can honestly say they enjoy a game that is unwinnable or impossible to lose?

Yes, you should. We all should. But the player population – especially as personal MMR increases (i.e., the higher, the fewer) – simply does not support that, especially in “quick” match. And this is before factoring in players who are just out there to purposely ruin games.

My whole point is that it’s not “social justice” or pandering or whatever you’re on about. At the most basic level, and as explained in the Blizzard post I linked on how MM works, Blizzard has no incentive to piss off its players. On the other hand, it has every incentive to please the players, and players want fast matches.

I think it would be very good, and interesting, if Blizzard added options for individual players to tune QM parameters. But given the available development resources, this is probably unrealistic.


Its called force win rate, the better you are the worse your team mates are, and majority of my qm has a lot of bad players.

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Nah. Good players don’t really play HOTS.


Sounds like the same clowns that blame teammates all game thinking they are they only good player and everyone else must suck, everything is someone elses fault. Literally same domn thing everyone complains about in game but on the forums everyone agrees and some how can relate lol.

Sounds like the same clowns that think only they get bummy teammates and no one else ever does. How many games you win because the opposing team had the weakest link? You have no idea cause you probably gave yours2lf the credit for the win. When you lose tho, its all their fault.



This guy has posted an answer that answers 25% of complaints topics.

Thanks for that.
Actually, my only gripe with the match making system, is I want some kind of confirmation that it does or does not only consider exact matching scenarios.

This is just in quick match: So if I play Hanzo and lose the match, I want to know if my MMR adjustment is calculated by checking how well I played compared to only that same map, and those same team compositions. In my mind there are compositions that can shut down Hanzo easily. So maybe I lost, but played better than any other Hanzo in that same exact setup. In quick match, I think the MMR should be hero based. You can see how that wouldn’t really be the best fit for Storm League, but could still be a potentially useful contributing factor.

Anyway, I’m guessing they do not calculate it that strictly because of those after game popups: “You stayed alive more than similar players with only 17 deaths.”


no matter if i play tank, healer or dps, my team just keep feeding in every game i get in, and if I dont joining their feeding clownfiesta whith them im insta blamed for the loss, it seems i have to join the pepega squad to not be reported by4 man who likes to fight 4v5 or ourlvl9 vs and them lvl 10 etc etc,

That’s the reason why I mainly play SL. I don’t like drafting, but people take their matches much more seriously.

LoL, yes, let’s create a needlessly complex system that requires more exceptions and coding in which you can magically know who are bad players to make them win by rejiggering everyone else’s games to compromise quality of games, and then throw in SJW term because you don’t know how to actually formulate coherent arguments and just throw in buzzwords you don’t even truly understand because some YouTube video taught those are the bad people.


Make sure to use the “enemy team has a heroic advantage” ping.
And “defend this empty lane so we can get XP ffs” ping.

That would be bad though. Didn’t you know? We have to take risks and feed because reasons!

Then later complain how we can’t win after being 4 lvls down later in the game! It’s just science, duh!