QOL Request: "Unbound" Locked Camera

I use Locked Camera semi-often depending on who I’m playing (especially if it’s someone like Lucio or Gall). However, its limitations can be frustrating and I often toggle it on and off multiple times throughout a match. What I want is a middle ground between Locked and Unlocked, specifically the following features:

  • I want to be able to scroll any distance away from my Hero. This is a feature of Unlocked. Locked prevents you from scrolling an arbitrary distance away from your Hero, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to scout, use long-range abilities, or monitor a teamfight.
  • I want the Camera to track to my Hero when they come within visual range. This feature of Locked can be experienced by forcing the camera away from your Hero via the Minimap and then having them to move into view. It is extremely useful as an additional indicator that I’ve moved into range of whatever I’m looking at and generally useful for keeping track of oneself.
  • I want to be able to have my view separated from my Hero for an indefinite amount of time without a forced re-focus. This “feature” of Locked Camera drives me absolutely insane, especially when I’m trying to time or aim a long-range skillshot. I moved my camera over there for a reason, game!

Ideally, these features would manifest as a checkbox under the User Interface portion of Gameplay that alters how the current Lock Camera functions. That way, players who would find these features useful can use them and players who prefer the standard Locked Camera’s functionality do not need to change their ways.

You can press « l » key to lock/unlock the camera. Space to focus your hero.

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I know. I’m tired of doing so, hence my request.

just get used to playing with unlocked camera. mash spacebar to lock on your hero.

they won’t implement a feature because 1 person can’t get used to a very simple system.

I am not the only one among my friend group who hates that Locked Camera prevents you from scrolling too far, so it’s not just “1 person”. Even if it was, it would only require a single line of code (possibly even just a checkbox if the HOTS editor is similar enough to the SCII editor) to make the change.