QM: There should be a max gap level


Brilliant solution for all those matchmaking problems that seem to exist, just have shared exp between both teams xD


And the winner for this week’s worst suggestion is… the OP!


If your team are not good and have 3 to 4 level gaps, you pretty much need to accept that your team sucks and your enemy are too strong.


It goes BOTH ways.

Lets say your team is winning by 3+ levels, snowballing them, and it is indeed literally a “quick match”, then where is the satisfaction in winning? There isn’t.

It isn’t fun both ways, prob 1 out of 15 matches are good matches where both teams are killing it.


Honestly, if the other team gets 4+ levels ahead of you, not only are you heavily likely to lose anyway due to the sheer power/talents differences, but your core/forts (depending on winning obj) are mostly all gone and you might be close to the end of the game.

Even if neither of these holds true, then there’s a reason why there’s such a huge gap, and that reason will likely continue on until the loss.


I disagree. I love steam rolling scrubs and I also like an even well fought match. The satisfaction comes when you see that your team hasn’t died and net 34 kills with a killer team comp.


Putting a level gap cap, even in just QM, will almost deny to the winning team the right to be significantly head to the losing one.
I’m not saying that is fun a snowballing game but if, for whatever reason, we remove almost any gap or disparity then the whole match will be pointless.

HotS is already a moba where the come back is almost always within reach even when you’re a couple of levels behind (sometimes even more). But if you get completly stomped (for whatever reason) then just move on to the next game.

The real issue - imho - is that recently, due to a smaller player base and rainbow MM, more games result in a snowball. The solution is improving the MMS, not putting limitation to “help” the losing team.


Or just stop dying mid one by one for no reason and just soak the god damn lane?

If the enemy team manages to get 4 levels ahead (with the current system that makes it really, really hard to do this in fact) then you didn’t try to soak a single wave. Just let them be 4 levels ahead at that point and get it over with.


There shouldn’t be. If you have more than 3 level gap loses the game should force you to play a “how to gain xp” tutorial instead.


Destroying scrubs is more fun than having the game artificially keep them up and punish my team because we are playing correctly.
If i wanted some bullshift artificial uplifting system i would play the other mobas.


I just played a game…
my level is about 1040 and the level of my 4 teammates combined was around 800-900 :smiley:
we lost a very bad game, they where wondering,
Im diamond why should I have games like this?
we had 2 noobs one level 70 and the other level 28 :smiley:
I mean really? I am 1040 matched with 10 times lower level? :smiley:
shut the f up blizzard ha


Games no longer feel “XP-snowbally” after the XP changes in last year, we don’t really need a gap limit either.


Devs already did this with the lane changes.


I suggest improving your soak skill. You should not end up with such a huge level disadvantage.


This game already has so many catch up mechanics that being 4+ levels down is the result of consistently bad play from more than 1 player.

Soak XP safely
Don’t die

That alone will narrow the gap if you are behind by 3 levels.


Played three games last night and they were all awful 3+ levels behind with their buildings with not a scratch and us getting demolished with ease. My team mates were feeding like crazy. Kills were like 4-30 their way in all matches.

Want prevent snowballs? Fix the mm and put the feeders with the feeders and those who want to play at a higher level together.


Not that easy as the reason they appear to be feeding might be the result of just poor comps or allies not taking advantage of their plays. It is very easy to have few deaths as Tychus who can attack from behind, but try being someone melee like Leoric and it is a lot harder.


That means you don’t like QM.

Ppl don’t want rules, so it won’t change.


No they’re dying because they lack map awareness and the intelligence to position and play safe. I mean my allies who are feeding can be an azmodan or a hanzo and they’re still getting ganked.

Also for the record leoric has a teleport on his e

But yes I understand some heroes have to die to sort of save others like Uther or garrosh but that’s not what’s going on here


Not gonna lie, I enjoy a lot of the games where we’re 3-4-5-6 levels ahead because I play a lot of heroes that are focused on getting an EXP lead… It might not be fun if you’re looking for a nail-biter but it’s nice sometimes to really, really put a team in the dirt just because of a couple of moves at the right times.

Sometimes you gank their solo laner early and they lost 1.5 waves. Then you ganked someone right before the 1st of 3 objectives, globaled from a camp push into a fort on the 2nd objective, and then outright beat them in the teamfight for the 3rd and now you stagger them into a keep and all of their forts or something. How perfectly can you win the game, how quickly can you finish the core? That’s its own fun. You’re doing the enemy team a favor by beating them so completely