QM 5 man team vs solo

I don’t know about foreign servers, but in Korea server, solo users get matched by 5 man team.
I usually play as solo, however about 2 out of 15 games they match me with 5 man team. And it’s impossible to beat 5 man with solo or duo users.
This situation becomes too serious that many users seek for party before they play QM because they know if they don’t they will be slaughtered by other 5 man team.
Doesn’t this unfair? I’m pretty sure blizzard can change this, right? Just match them with other 5 man team, it’s not that hard, right?
Please, I enjoy this game since 2015, I can endure op heroes, since there’s at least chance to win, but match against 5 man is too harsh. All our members know we can’t win, so they just give up from the beginning.
Hide opponent’s information doesn’t solve this problem.
Match 5 man team with other 5 man team, and match solo users with solo or duo users. I don’t want to play game that has no chance to win.

why do they think queueing as a 5 man is going to give them a magical advantage? you only get advantage as a 5 man if you’re coordinated and experienced working together as a team on voice chat, not if you’re just a bunch of randoms from general chat.

Well, because they make a comp unlike solo users? And there are certain users that always play in 5 to just win in QM.

They’re having an AMA on Reddit in two days. Go ahead and ask the question. The experience is entirely subjective in how fair these games can be, but probably the most disappointing thing is that they hide groups of players from the enemy team on purpose for some idiotic reason.

If solo players would frequently get discouraged playing by seeing a full premade team, improve the matchmaker so they have to play against 2+2+1 or 2+3 at very least. That way everyone gets to experience a somewhat challenging match that isn’t a one-sided stomp, which is very easy to achieve by picking specific heroes and through the use of voice communication.

Too bad they wont give you an answer to that since they avoid those question even on AMA. I have seen tons of serious qustions that dont get answered while they cherry pick questions that has nothing to do about matchmaking or ranked.


5 man team vs solo in QM happens quite often from very first days of HOTS. One must simply endure it. Also there is always a chance it was made like Militia in warcraft. Simply last game was fun so I invited this player being good with tanks than this one being great healer and so on. At first I also used to be salty about it always expecting worst like: “Oh no those are for sure best friends and having voice coms and choose their mains” but now I am chill about it.

Well… you can say that because you don’t know the situation here in Korea QM. I have high mmr in QM so I get match with few members and remember some of their names. And there are group of users who always play in 5 man, With almost exact same comp. I know there are many people in 5 man like you mentioned, but the problem is because of these groups more people don’t play in solo and find for 5 man team…or just simply quit this game, so the situation becomes worse and worse. Sure I can endure it, but that doesn’t mean it is normal and do not need to be changed.

now why that doesn’t surprise me at all?

I play on Europe and American and I’ve been matched with people using same avatars (carbot your best friend). All of us were random vs full premade team - we won, after that, get toxic message that - we are fun slayers as we not play legitimately in team and other stupid accusation. But well you have a point. I wish it should be made that huge priority is put on both rank, total level and team setup - like if there are 1,2,3,4,5 teams in composition.

Dont worry, they are just ultra butthurt kids, who thought they could get a free win, by playing premade and lost to people better then them. Just report people like him for abuse chat, and he will at some point get silenced ahah.

I have easier games playing solo than when i go in groups with my friends.
Even when i get stacks on the other side.
It is a mistake thinking just being 5 randos together will give an edge.

As I mentioned above, the problem is there exist some users who abuse this situation. Yes, you can win vs 5 man, but these groups have higher than 95% winrate at QM. You can’t say “you still have 5% chance to win” or something.