Qhira, the most broken hero in Heroes of the Storm history

This line is awesome.

And why I say that?

Because Qhira’s all power is set into that swing of hers(E ability), Deathwing is unstoppable permanently, rendering that swing useless that moment she tries to slap it on him.

I am kinda curious, do you guys really know the heroes you talk about here?


Please save up the 10k gold to purchase her and see for yourself.

Qhira is solid, but far from OP. Unless she’s up against potatoes that can’t figure out how to play against or around anything more complex than auto-attacks. She doesn’t take super high skill to play competently, but countering her is also relatively easy.


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Before he is released
Deathwing to op. Nerf him aw my gawd so strong

Maybe its like junkrat and people thought he was good like on the solo lane on braxit
But they found out he was desperate in need of buffs


Qhira, the most broken hero in Heroes of the Storm history

Best case scenario she competes for pubstomper title against Valeera, Butcher or Nova


But at least she wasn’t like Ragnaros when he was out, after he release Ragnaros, he get nerf 6 months in a row.

For reference, Qhira has a 50.5% win rate and is the 47th highest winning hero in the game.


Leave Qhira alone!!!

Also, please add her avatar to the forums :slight_smile:

Thanks, i didn’t know that. And sorry about that.

Basically one of the most balanced hero in the entire game, but apparently she is OP :joy:


My fault, it’s because of all the rage i have because I lost most of the time against her.


well have you tried becoming watermelon?

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What are you talking about? Watermelon?

What heroes do you normally play? Maybe we can help give you a few tips on how to deal with her. I mostly play tanks and bruisers, so never really worry about her, but about protecting my team mates from her. If you have a friend who likes to play tanks, almost the entire tanking roster can shut her down pretty easily.

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Well that 0.5% confirms that she’s broken. /s


I play ranged assassin most of the time, i play the others, like tank, healer and bruiser, but the one i pick the most is ranged. Melee assassin are a little too risky for me.

Which heroes, specifically? General tips include things like stutter-stepping and watching your positioning, but if I know which hero you played against her, I might be able to be more helpful.

As a tank, she shouldn’t be targeting you, so save your peels and damage mitigation for when she jumps one of the squishies on your team.

I main Junkrat. I also use Hanzo, Gul’dan, E.T.C, Jaina, Stukov, Kael’thas.

For Junkrat, take that talent that drops grenades when stunned, as it completely messes her up. Traps to assist your team mates means she will have a miserable match.

I don’t play Hanzo or Gul’dan, so hopefully someone else can help there.

As ETC, if she gets on you, Powerslide to a place she doesn’t want to be, such as close to your towers. You should save Face Melt to get her off one of your backline if she goes in.

Jaina can Ice Block when hit by E, and all of the slows will allow you to kite her fairly well.

Stukov and Kael’thas are others I do not play very much.

I see, well, thanks for your advice. :smile:

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