PTR error (cant connect)

Hello, i downloaded PTR on April 26, 2020 since then i’ve been getting this screen:
Blizzard services are down for maintenance. Please try again later.

I’ve tried connecting like 2 or 3 times per day everyday since then, after clicking “OK button” (only button that shows) it shows the login screen, on server region bottom-left shows XX-98, i try to manually login and i get the same error screen.

Here are my doubts:

  • I’m not sure if ptr servers are really down, i can play fine on live server.
  • This second point should be something blizzard should do like giving server status over social media, e.g. smite has a website, twitter, etc, where you can see games online status, if they are down for maintenance or if there is an upcoming maintenance scheduled, etc they let you know that. I searched on google for something like this on hots and the only thing i found was patch notes, news page for current and old news but nothing that tells you if servers are online or in maintenance or if they making an update, nada.
  • Is the PTR region locked? I live in Panama country (not the panama city in Florida), like i mentioned in point 1, i can play in live Americas servers just fine.

Can someone help on this, is there any other info i should add or what can i do to play ptr or if its just down and when is going online?