Please bring back Siege as a class-type

Ever since Siege was removed as a class-type, the game’s MatchMaking has become seriously broken. I’ve had way too many games where I face 3 siege and it’s impossible/near-impossible to win in such scenarios. Most of the siege-type characters were created during a time when siege was actually a type and now they’re basically broken in the current meta.

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This is QM, right? The mode that is supposed to be quickly set up with minimal focus on team composition outside of both teams having tank/healer and game is in no way balanced around? Also, at what rank does Zagara/Azmodan/Nazeebo become the unstoppable meta?


Can we please establish if a team with “specialists” is op if verses a team with mostly assassins, or reverse because both have been stated in the past. Also, even before specialist was removed, they were treated like assassins, so labeling them specialists won’t change anything.


It depended on the map.

The old 5v5 Assassins-v-Specs matchup almost always came down to the map.

Warhead Junction? Specs win 9 times out of 10.
Cursed Hollow and Infernal Shrines also favored Specs, though not nearly as heavily as WHJ.

Braxis Holdout or Battlefield of Eternity? The Assassins were the massively favored team.
Tomb of the Spider Queen and old Garden of Terror also favored Assassins.

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The MMS has considered Specialist as Assassin for assembling matches on QM far before they changed roles’ labels .

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Basically they’re about balanced but when a team doesn’t know how to play their comp to their strengths, they lose and the opposing team is then considered OP

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Large map vs. multiple unit spawners like azmo+zag+naz, while our team has very little wave clear: They win solely by pushing structures. Can’t force them to fight, can’t usually gank them, can’t counterpush since they control all lanes.

Even if you keep taking all the tributes they wont allow you to push, because they kill the waves so fast + spawn extra units to tank/attack towers, like demonic army, lieutenants, hydralisks or banelings.

Does it happen often? Not really, plus it’s Quick Match where you give up match quality for que times.
I play QM every now and then, and encountered this type of match (multiple siegers vs no wave clear) maybe once in 50 games. Most games you get a few heroes who can push them back.

So in summary, I don’t think it’s a common enough issue to warrant “fixing”.

That’s just pure bias.
The MM didn’t make a difference between Specialists and Assassins.
Then after for a long time the MM used the new roles for “secret” rules, like Zarya, Tassadar, Medivh and Aba was part of hidden-role called “Sustain”.

Who are you talking about? Xul?
What other ex-spec is “meta”?

And tbc, “Siege” was never a “type”.
Heroes outside of Specialist could push as fast and hard as many others.
For example, Anubarak could push almost as fast as Sylvanas, I tested it back then.
Also Sonya and Jaina were always good pushers.