Please address hero roles in QM matchmaking


-ZAGARA is not a ranged assassin.
-NAZEEBO is not a ranged assassin.
-TASSADAR is not a ranged assassin.

Please stop putting one of these heroes with an otherwise all-melee team vs a team with multiple mages and / or AA ranged damage dealers. Additionally, please once and for all define specialists vs assassins so we do not get these 3x spec vs 0 spec games on large maps where the other team is basically forced to play 20-30 minutes of whack-a-mole.

Please make sure that whoever is designing these “roles” understands the game so that QM team matchmaking is actually balanced. And I hope the above will be resolved with whatever you guys end up doing.


On that note, implementing new role rules without actually putting in the new roles into hero selection ui just confuses things further


Varian is now a tank again. =/

2 games in a row as Varian, the other team gets a tank and we don’t.

This game’s matchmaker is so awful now.