Payment Pending Error

I tried to purchase a skin for a Free to play character, and it gave me a warning that I couldn’t close or continue forward. I closed App and now I can not make any skin or hero purchases with any currency.

I have the same issue.

When I am trying to buy skin in game I get the error. You have a pending transaction. Please try again once that transaction completes. It have been 2 weeks and I still getting the error. I check my Account and I dont see any transaction.

Same problem here, I tried to buy Mei with gold and it froze my game. I closed the game and reopened it and now ive had a pending transaction that wont show up on my account, its been like that for a week or so now and it will not let me make any other purchases.

Hey there,

There isn’t anything I can do for y’all here on the this forum. I recommend you reach out to Customer Support to work with you to get the pending transaction cleared up here Customer Support