Orphea - Easily countered

Orphea is a teamfighter from what I’ve seen from her kit. You are not supposed to solo melee assassins because the numbers of your skills are balanced to be in 3vs3 or larger kind fo fights.

Having her safeguarded by a team is what wins fight and makes her a solid and really hard to put down character.


A non-assassin main describes the intricacies of Orphea, a ranged assassin against Illidan. “Dude he flips and stuff which make it hard to do the d.”



It almost sounds this is an 1v1 game :stuck_out_tongue: Of course she will lose to many other heroes in a duell plus Genji/Tracer/Illidan/zeratul are basically good vs most mages… it’s almost like they are designed to assassinate squishy backline heroes that can’t peel for themselves. Try dive her with those when there is a team that can protect her with heals and cc… that’s just how the game is played and has nothing to do especially with Orphea.
The best counter to Orphea is her own lack of skill :smiley:


One who masters Orphea can potentially counter Tracer with her level 20 talent. But generally Orphea should rely on her team so she can take another.

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For average players like me Li Ming is just way better, if you miss one orb thats fine if you miss with Orphea you are dead. She may be good on master but in normal modes she wont make it

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I got ROCKED by Alarak and Stukov last night. Silences are always brutal, but I’d say they are particularly punishing for the long cast times on Q and W.

Also, considering her trait/sustainability is so heavily dependent on landing autos – blinds, are also brutal! Cassia, Artanis, Lili can make Orphea’s life rough.


I wouldn’t think much of it as that is obviously one of the alts of a certain user that had been posting in that vein (hint the “robot” remarks :wink: ) , especially given the other topic that he made.

That aside, Stukov is one of the biggest banes to Orphea since his out prioritizes Orphea’s casts, which is a pain when you’re getting that juicy chomp.

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It’s so funny reading your voices in a robot voice.

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Why do you act like you’re not one of us?

Mal’Ganis is an absolute nightmare

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instead of blue posts they now are called purple posts

Scarlett Letters, oh my darling! I’ve been having fun blowing up the new gal with calamity, wave of force build Ming in QM.

I’ve known of some in the past, but how would I know now? HotS has gone by the wayside as a massive cash grab. We get nothing but quirky PR stunt posts. There’s obvious shilling going on in these boards and abroad. IGN is paid to do promotions. New players are added with bait. Twitch views are managed with bait. Esports is thrown money at rather than grown organically. Mobility has yet to be addressed and never will probably. Maps are becoming homogenized. Updates to monetization occur before major changes that have been requested. Major requests are straight up denied in lieu of more potentially wrong direction changes to fix problems that emerged from previous changes that people didn’t ask for which broke things like comebacks.

But oh, thank god a hero was released in a reasonable state and has counters built in. Rub it in our faces that you guys got 1 thing right in the last 2+ years.

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I like the comparison, but i d like to point out, while KTZ rewards your well hit combos with certain deaths, Orphea does not do this. On PTR she was busted, womboing a whole team, but now…

Ktz: Hit multiple heroes with your combos: splash, multiple hero kills.
Orphea: same: maybe 1 dies, but usually just get on really low health.

This is what I read: “I played Orphea a bunch in QM, and all the QM pubstomp heroes who punish bad comps and backline heroes beat her there”. Shocking.

Meh, I’d say a good Zera, Val or Genji. All of them are problematic. I can’t say much against Tracer or Illidan. I mean’t, if you can’t count Tracer’s teleport and not knowing when to use chomp when she’s about to melee you. You probably shouldn’t be playing her. Illidan is the same. They have CD you can wait out too. I’ve been dived by them many times, With proper trait management, prediction and timing. You’ll see them back out 'cuz I’m out damaging them much faster than they can deal. Plus I can micro well with her AA.(My fifth played hero is Valla.) But I’d say I only played her on QM with 30+ games with 68% win rate. That’s the point of QM. Knowing match ups but I still don’t dare bring her to rank yet. 'Cuz I still can’t figure out when is the perfect time to draft her. Few things I learn about her. Use fatty heroes to use Q on to be mobile. Position where you can easily dash around and only go to tight spaces when necessary. I think, I still need to test out. She stop dashing when she hits a wall.

But this is coming from someone who has 90lvl+ KT, and 50lvl+ Li Ming and Jaina. So I know how to deal with problematic heroes against mages. Good/great Genji is probably my hated match up against mages. I require someone to deal with Genji and sometimes, it’s not good enough.

She can get punished pretty hard but late game she starts hitting like a truck and following up CC with the stun ult can be the end of a team fight if the player is good. I’m happy they finally changed a hero from PTR to Live, hasn’t happened in ages, I think shes fine currently,

Also Blizz come on, you guys banned me 24 hours for having a “swear” that I used **** to censor but this guy gets a blue post on his thread/nothing doing exactly what I did? I guess it was only because it was on a thread someone aimed at DI.

The comparison to Kel’thuzad is all together wrong in my opinion.

KTZ, while still good, isn’t what he used to be. They already nerfed his burst damage and then his Armor reduction. Against a good team, KTZ can’t really one-shot anyone by himself anymore and in return, he didn’t receive more health, range or even reduced his hitbox radius. (Seriously, he has a large hitbox of 1 same as Blaze and Chen, while Muradin has 0.8)

If they are going to further nerf his damage, I expect to see some buffs to his survivability.

Otherwise, he is becoming more of High Risk, Meh Reward. :frowning:

If anything, comparing KTZ to Orphea, I see those things: he relies more on his combo for delivering damage, doesn’t have mobility, doesn’t have sustain, has same range as her, but he is much squashier (KTZ: 1445 Health, Orphea: 1665), he is fatter and easier to hit by skill-shots… and so on.

When I tried Orphea, I saw better comparison to Chromie than KTZ. Both require to hit enemy heroes with their abilities to empower their basic attacks.
Similar Q: Both have similar delay time and linear projectile. Chromie’s Q has more range but hits only one.
W: Both are pure AoE damage. Chromie’s W has range to it but way more delay time.
E: Both provide some sort of CC.

While Orphea doesn’t have Chromie’s range, she got in return sustain and mobility.

Just a side-note: I’m not making this post to say Orphea is overpowered. On the contrary, I wanted to highlight the problems that other mages such as Chromie and KTZ have, so that maybe they get some attention!