Ok, i'll try one time, read it or don't atleast i said my2C

I know your doing everything u think u can with what u’ve got, and yes, your doing well balancing. and reworking, no doubt.
i know u don’t have the ressources to develop , i know!
but getting more interest/playerbase/ and money, with the skin system u implemented is not hard.

C’mon man,

i spend so much money on this game, that when 2.0 came out , i had 85 chests or something like that, i was mad, but happy that u developed.
even tho u decided to make a new skin variation for guldan, (purple) , that i couldn’t get without using the equivelent of RP, and even tho i spend real money on the other 3.
it’s fine i loved the game, and etc, etc etc
but were u lack ,
and were u loose everything,
for one.
how long did it take for you to make ARAM , not a rotation , but a steady game mode ?
if u added the others ( Co-op ) ( i’d almost fap to that ) , and the others on rotation, you’d have so much more variation.
ofc aram, goes without saying, and good for you , that we have more than 1 map, and variations. , very nice.
either develop the co-op/gamemodes etc, or let people do what people DID for wc3 !!!
and starcraft.
Imagine if community got their hands on it.
all the co-op , / survival massive insane maps, just imagine…

u also fail skins…
i know u should differ from riot and smite, but c’mon
make D.va a jellyfish, or nova a prope, or even deathwing a c’thulu.
there u make money.
Go nuts.
u have man power for that

and maps/game modes, u have an insanely devoted community waiting for u ! and able to.

meanwhile, balance and what not ur doing now.
that u r doing perfectly fine or at least trying to ! after u got a huge cut .

this game, should have destryoed smite/lol every moba game, within the first few years.
the team behind it could’ve made every community wish, happen.
no gold, short games, brawl/n/fight on insane maps…

i actually doesnt require much refocuse…

but GL

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