No punishment for hard throwing?


I was matched 4 times with the same person who was hard throwing. He would sit afk in spawn until the game was going to kick him for non participation, then he clicked into the enemy team and went afk again. He repeated this the whole game, every game in all 4 games i played with him. I mean he was literally in voice chat telling everyone he was hard throwing and being a troll.

This was over the span of 5 hours. I assumed he was playing the whole time and everyone was reporting him, so how has he not been banned? and what’s worse, now i don’t want to play because I can’t block him as a teamate. It really just ruined the game. I can deal with toxic people, but I’m frustrated that there is nothing you can do about people who are blatantly throwing.


I think it’s takes a little while for the reports to actually take effect.

I’m like 99% sure he will be banned or suspended in a day or 2


They don’t care … is it hard to understand ?


Doesn’t seem like it. I played today I got matched with him again!


Well then i’m sorry to hear best of luck in future game friend


Yeah the report system in this game is trashy. There is no automated system so you have to wait for a representative to investigate the issue.

For now though at the end of your match just type “/w (put his name here)” and then it’ll open a whisper with him. Once you open a whisper with him you can look to see if he’s queuing for a game or in a game. Obviously if he’s queuing for a game then don’t queue. If he’s in a game, then you’re safe to queue. This is called dodging someone, and everyone does it because blizzard doesn’t want to add in the same matchmaking mechanics overwatch has.


I believe bans for botting/cheating/afk/intentional dying are done in mass ban-waves (they used to also be reported in some forum post when they happened). The punishment for these is not some puny silence, but a permaban though.

Here, it seems to be done once a week:

A week may seem like a long time, but it’s not enough to even get out of beginner queue in qm and most certainly not enough to meet HL requirements. So if you meet some1 doing that in HL, he’s throwing away an account with a considerable time investment and you’re unlikely too meet him anytime soon after he’s banned and creates a new smurf.

On the other hand, maybe the guy is throwing only YOUR games? Then he’s unlikely to get banned just from your reports. If that’s the case, then I’d say you should try not infuriating ppl so much that they find ruining your day the most satisfactory pasttime.