New Ragnaros Skins

Hello there! I love the iconic Ragnaros character, and I wish he had a bigger ‘wardrobe’! I was thinking, maybe he could be Ice Cream to go along with the candy theme? When he mounts up it should play ice cream truck music =D

Or a Genie Rag? He would pair well with Chromie’s 'I Dream of Genie" theme.

Or Fragnaros? Like Junkrat’s madmax theme… So many choices!
I sketched up 3 ideas with different color choices, I’d love it if you took a peak! The images are on Deviant Art under UniqueSpeak. Only three images on it.

Love you guys! =D

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I cannot imagine a icecream Ragnaros.

But the Genie Rag sounds very cool.


yeah he can also become blue flame!! or violet or green like fel ragnaros.

i wonder what does ragnaros could look like if he is mecha ragnaros? lols that could sell… although i know there will be a big work for it becouse ragnaros has many animation theres is lava wave to change theres a fort raganaros and many more… but still what could raganros icecream fort could look like

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Well I remember reading somewhere that because of Ragna’s design, making skins for it was quite complicated for the team, but an Ice Cream skin would be funny but nice, also I’m still waiting for the Ragnarobot skin (and also a Xenotech Zagara), and since Malthael got his skin at MechaStorm II (Which I’m totally loving it), I have faith that they will have their skins in the (I hope near) future…
*Fingers Crossed!