New patch, possible mac problem

When i enter the HoTS main page after the login screen, i can only move my mouse around the top left corner of the screen. Just since the patch this morning.


I have a problem too. Latest setting for my game is full-screen windowed mode. Pitch black screen. Can hear bgmusic and friend invites, can click, but just can’t see anything.

Hey Portable,

Can you try minimizing the build and re-maximizing it? You can do this with CMD+Tab. After you maximize the game, you should have full control again. If you do not let me know!

Thanks for the report!

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Hey, that did work to make the game playable. Thanks!

It’s about 4K settings of 1 to 1 pixel. Re-maximizing works here, but it’s still a bug.

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When I Command+Tab on my MacBook the screen goes black, but the mouse is free at least. Just can’t see now though


If you press Command+Tab again, does the game open back up? Essentially, minimizing the game, and maximizing it should fix the problem for now.

Once in the black screen, the only way out is to Option+Command+Q, which is force quit. Command+Tab doesn’t do anything


Same here. I’m having this black screen problem since the last event patch


Korikiba and MarshalStorm, you are having the same problem I did. After the command tab you are stuck in a black screen. I think it works for those playing in windowed mode. Those playing in full screen don’t hit command tab at all once you start the game. Instead try hitting command M. That worked for me.

Thanks! When I tried the command + M, the problem was solved.

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Hi all. I want to say it’s not a bug just for release edition, but also for PTR. Pls fix it together thx.

Same problem since the last patch. Cmd+Tab twice solves it for one session only, next session it happens again. This is not a solution, only a workaround.

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I also have these two bugs:

  1. Mouse is confined in a small window top right
  2. Cmd+tab makes a black screen and the only thing you can do is force kill the game from there

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Hi. Same problem with the mouse that remains on the left of the screen. And sometimes this changes the mouse movement setting in the Mac system preferences (system preferences>mouse>movement). Cmd + Tab works.

Hi, I had the same problem, with this new version of Heroes Of The Storm (, my screen was black but my mouse could interact with the interface of the game like the chat.
The solution is CMD + M and press again to resize full screen, it works for me.

Yah, the CMD + Tab is giving me the black screen glitch, requiring a hard reset, which make sit a hard NO…

Just here to comment my 16" is exhibiting the same behavior. Command+M Resolves. Not great by any stretch, and command+tab definitely leaves me in a lurch at just a black screen.

Please fix Samuro’s heroics especially Illusion Master

I just came back to the game after months away and ran into this issue right away on my iMac. CMD Tab worked…except now I can’t ready up, it keeps auto-un-readying up. I have tried to restart everything twice and still can’t play. My game even full on crashed when i CMD Tabbed out yesterday while in Queue–my computer completely froze, which its never done in 3 years, and i had to restart and relog, got into the game at lvl 10. Come on.