New Ladder Season Started! - October 11, 2022


New Ladder Season has started today!

Thank you and see you in the Nexus.


Hi When the Que gets too long, we are recieving the error GLOBAL_TIMEOUT. We understand the difficulty in matchmaking for placement matches and the new season, but did the new update just bug out the que?


can confirm that every game mode results in the same GLOBAL_TIMEOUT error

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Still one of my favorite games! Thank you.

We would love to see game updates. We’re dreamers.

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can we please get a response on fixing this bug?

They honestly Do not GaF, New ladder of what??? It’s the same materiel over and over and you still have yet to do any sort of good update, i.e Needing new heroes. nerfs to the same overplayed heroes. Buff some old useless ones. Literally there is so much to do in this game, And you still have the shop open to milk money from people who are brand new to the game just to try heroes, or be like hey cool skins.

Hi @Cydra, ladder has been bugged, this is due the bug that a lot of people is having with the seasonal quest, you can’t progress from 5 wins, on the other hand there are other people that get multiple wins in the seasonal quest by game, so basically in 30 games they win 50 seasonal wins of the quest.

This issue has been raised 2 weeks ago on reddit and here as well.