New Hero Spotlight: Mal'Ganis


A very interesting kit, some of which is going to be nerfed to oblivion soon enough i should think


After playing on the PTR i can confirm that his health swap ult is extremey strong, they will need to at least adjust the swap time to a minimum of 7 seconds.

And Ana does indeed wreck him, full doses make his Q puny and he dies rather well.


Boy can’t wait to try it myself, that sounds really scary.


I can guess the devs did say they wanted less summons in game, so I can see the reason why the inferno wasn’t pit in. I was guessing “Finger of Death,” ability, but the abilities that they came up with are better.


Full talent list as taken from PTR:

Level 1

  • (W) Winged Guard: Each time Necrotic Embrace hits an enemy Hero, gain 50 physical armor against the next enemy hero basic attack.If Winged Guard has no charges, Mal´Ganis will gain one charge after 6 seconds.
  • (D) Vampiric Aura: Mal´Ganis and nearby allied heroes heal for 10% of physical damage dealt.
  • (Passive) Time to Feed: Mal´Ganis heals for 48 when damaging an enemy heroes. This can only trigger once every 6 seconds for each enemy hero.

Level 4

  • (W) Fueled by Torment: While Necrotic Embrace is active, Mal´Ganis heals for 12 when damage is taken and Vampiric Touch converts 15% more hero damage into healing.
  • (W) Night of Sargeras Necrotic Embrace Armor is increased to 50, but duration is decreased to 2 seconds.
  • (W) Echo of Doom: When Necrotic Embrace Expires, it explodes again for 50 damage. If an enemy hero is hit, Mal´Ganis retains 25 armor for 1 more second.

Level 7

  • (Q) Black Claws: After Mal´Ganis hits an enemy hero with Fel Claws his next basic attack deals 45% more damage.
  • (Q) Will of Tichondrius: The third hit of Fel Claws steals 4% of maximum health from enemy heroes.
  • (E) Spreading Plague:
  • (Passive) Nightmare Fuel: After Night Rush expires deal 30 damage per second to nearby enemy heroes for 4 seconds. Basic attacks against heroes refresh this. Does not wake sleeping targets.

Level 10

  • (R) Carrion Swarm: After 1 seconds disperse into an invulnerable swarm of bats for 3 seconds, dealing 132 damage per second to enemies. Vampiric Touch heals for 100% of damage dealt to heroes by Carrion Swarm. (80s CD)
  • (R) Dark COnversion: Channel on an enemy hero for 0.75s, then swap health percentages with the target over 3s. (80s CD)

Level 13

  • (E) Deep Sleep: Increse Night Rush´s sleep duration by 0.75s and it´s movement speed bonus by 10%.
  • (E) The Night Beckons: After Night Rush´s sleep ends targets are slowed by 30% for 2.5s.
  • (D) Blood Rush: When Mal´Ganis is healed he gains 1% movement speed for 8 seconds up to 15%.

Level 16

  • (W) Plague Bats: Necrotic Embrace unleashes a swarm of bats in front of Mal´Ganis, dealing 85 damage.
  • (Passive) Frenzied Assault: Basic attacks against heroes with higher health percentage grant 40% attack speed and 10% increased physical damage for 3 seconds.
  • (Active) Blind as a Bat: Activate to erupt with blind rage, removing the colldown and mana cost of Fel Claws but losing all vision. Lasts 6 seconds. (80s CD)

Level 20

  • (R) Seeker Swarm: Upon expiring Carrion Swarm´s bats eek nearby enemy heroes, dealing 132 damage and sleeping them for 2.5 seconds.
  • (R) Wrath of Nathreza: Enemy heroes near the target suffer 75% of the transferred health as damage over 3 seconds. Does not benefit from Vampiric Touch.
  • (Q) Vanquish the Weak: Damage from Fel Claws and basic attacks slows anemies by 15% for 1.5 seconds, and Vampiric Touch converts 10% more damage into health on slowed heroes.
  • (E) Alone in the Dark: Enemy heroes put to sleep by Night Rush have their vision greatly reduced while asleep and 2 seconds after.

His trait is interesting as it seems to have a baseline talent applied giving him additional damage when in or shortly after leaving bushes and even more against sleeping targets (30% and 125% respectively).

[As it seems i´m not allowed yet to use tables or did something wrong, so i went with headers.]


Tables are possible, this thread made a small syntax guide and there’s a way to format tables in threads.


“warrior” … sureeeeeee…


The talents I’ve found interesting/useful on PTR are:

1: Winged Guard (generally decent) & Vampiric Aura (if you have 2+ non-Mage damage dealers)

Time to Feed seems not as generally solid as either of those.

4: Night of Sargeras & Echo of Doom

Fueled by Torment could be ok, but the increased armor or extended duration feel better to me.

7: Will of Tichondrius & Nightmare Fuel (this is the +30% damage in bushes/+125% damage against sleeping talent)

Black Claws is a 45% damage increase for a single basic attack every 8 seconds at best. Spreading Plague relies on Night Rush and being able to stick to a hero afterwards, I found that too finicky for my taste.

13: Blood Rush

I don’t like the Night Rush focused build compared to the other stuff you can do.

16: Blind as a Bat is the OMG! talent, but generally not easy to use unless you can either look at a team mate’s screen or fight in a cramped space. On the other hand Plague Bats is a decent bit of AoE burst (that heals due to his talent) and Frenzied Assault should let you dish out massive damage.

As far as his Trait including Nightmare Fuel by default: It doesn’t, that is merely a display error. You do not get +30% damage by hiding in a bush without picking the talent at level 7.


I went specifically with this guide, but as said i must have done something wrong or don’t have the right forumlevel yet.


Well never mind what I said, he really can be just like Riven


This is real, I have done it. People laughed…


Looks like a playstyle similar to Kerrigan’s with a hint of Malthael. Fun!


Testing him out the only thing that really stands out as being an outlier from his kit is Dark Conversion. The rest seem fairly balanced IMO, since healing isn’t over the top and certainly doesn’t hold a candle to Kerrigan’s shielding in terms of survival. He definitely seems main tank potential, but I’m not heavy on playing tanks as I’m more a support player.


A lot of folks are bringing up Warcraft 3, let’s not forget that Mal’Ganis was in WoW too, as were the other DLs. They got some more variety to their abilities in WoW, but seeing something more made up by Blizz is pretty cool as it’s like breathing new life into Mal’Ganis and making him seem improved over his WC 3 counterpart.

Still bummed it’s not Imperius though :smirk:


Me thinks Rakanishu?


just have your allies on voicechat yell at you which way to attack :slight_smile:


LOL, then how about a “WTF moments” where he kills himself and heals the whole enemy team with the level 20? :laughing:

I mean, if you swap health %s and yours was higher, you’re technically healing the enemy, right?


Looks like dota 2 Balanar wannabe, i wish that heroes are more unique like when they used to be .
I would like to see infernal summon, but in different way .
LIke u can sacrifice ally hero with 10% hp and summon them as infernal ,and they can play as Infernal for 10 sec or something different not that lame Terroblade ult .
And what’s up with that space Batman skin lame i thought it’s halloween event.


I think that should be changed to match Dehaka’s Isolation. It shouldn’t remove all vision range entirely, it should just reduce it to 3.5 for the duration. That way you don’t end up just wallowing around missing the last 2/3s of your attacks as you enemy walks in a different direction. If you find one of them, you should be able to stick to them a little better.

It will be. An effect that powerful needs to have at least a 1.25 second channel, not just a 0.75 second channel. It will be practically impossible to react to in time, and the only way to reliably interrupt it would be to play Muradin and pick Skullcracker.


They said the dreadlords are “intelligent and cunning”. Yet the first one they designed is a brute bruiser with the kits of an assassin.

That’s very different from the dreadlords I know in W3, when they are mostly used as a support for the ghouls with the Vampiric Aura. Sleep to isolate and disrupt the enemy’s APM. Carrion Swarm was a fire and forget that chucks out a huge amount of health from the enemies from far away.

And believe it or not, I’m not mad about the Inferno. It was not one the Mal’ganis’ original ability. But the general design of him make me very disappointed. I did hope that we were getting a evil support that would forgo healing in favor of cc.