NEW HERO: Charki - Melee Assassin

Hello. My name is Dmitriy. I am glad to present you my new hero concept.

Hero: Charki
Role: Melee Assassin

Universe: Nexus

Something like that


Charki is metamorphic assassin using the formative dynamic abilities of his body to fight.

All his movements and actions leave a smooth trails.


Health – 1754 basically hit points.
Transitions - default of 2 units, maximum stock of 8 units.

By default, Charki has 2 Transitions units.
Applying abilities consumes this resource.
Each auto attack gives 1 unit of Transitions.
If Charki does not cause or take damage for more than 5 seconds, he takes 1 unit of Transitions per second, up to 2 units. The maximum stock of 8 units, which can be gained by auto attacks and some talents. Accumulated units do not disappear with time.

Thus, the passive effect of auto-replenishment will not give more than 2 units of Transitions. That is, Charki has a maximum of 8 units of stock, and outside the battle he can restore only from 0/8 or 1/8 and only to 2/8 units, while if the hero has 3 units of Transitions already, then nothing will be replenished. In other words, the character has a basic resource threshold of 2/8 Transitions, to which he himself replenishes out of combat, at a speed of 1 unit per second, if Charki did not receive and did not cause damage for more than 5 seconds.

Basic Autoattack Damage – 51 damage every 0.8 seconds in melee-hand combat. Each auto attack reduces the cooldown of basic abilities by 0.4 seconds.

\\ Abilities:

[Q] - «Anvil» - Charki’s hand turns into a sledgehammer, and he inflicts a crushing blow in front of him from the indicated side, inflicting 136 damage to the first nearest enemy. Minions and mercenaries take 150% more damage. Requires 1 unit of Transitions. Cooldown 6 seconds.

[W] - «Puddle» - When activated, Charki spreads across the earth into a puddle of 3.3 meters in diameter, becoming invulnerable for 2 seconds. After the end of the action, or when pressed again, Charki is restored to the place closest to the cursor. Requires 5 units of Transitions. Cooldown 14 seconds.

[E] - «Prickly Glide» - Shifts Charki in the indicated direction by 3.3 meters. At the time of the displacement, Charki’s body becomes sharp-wave, and deals 206 points of damage to all enemies that cross. Requires 2 unit of Transitions. Cooldown 8 seconds.

[D] (activate) - «Metamorphoses» - The ability is selected at level 1 talent.

(D) (passive) - «Metamorphoses» - Charki can receive healing over his health, up to a maximum of 350 points bonus. The accumulated bonus does not disappear with time.

  • With a full supply of health: regenerationglobes, a fountain of healing, healing from allies, and so on - “stretch” the supply of health.

[R1] - «Clap» - When activated, Charki claps his palms, hitting everyone with an enemy within a 6.6 meter radius with a silence effect for 1.25 seconds. Affected opponents take 60% more damage from Charki over the next 5 seconds. Not valid for buildings. Requires 2 units of Transitions. Cooldown 50 seconds.

  • Ability cannot be used while abilitiy [W] «Puddle» are active.

[R2] - «Living Exoskeleton» - When activated, Charki envelops the selected allied minion, turning into an exoskeleton for 20 seconds, and giving 20 units of psycial armor. This exo-unit is controlled by the player himself. Damage received is divided equally between Charki and the minion. Movement speed increases by 20%, and damage from auto-attacks increases by 35%. Pressing again cancels the action. The minion used cannot use his attacks during an action. Requires 6 units of Transitions. Cooldown 60 seconds after the end of the action.

  • That is, for example, at level 10, Charki has 2496 health units, and a melee minion has 1500 health units (approximately), when combined, one armor-unit with double health is obtained. And when the enemy inflicts, for example, 1000 points of psysical damage, then 20% is blocked by the created armor: 1000-20% = 800, and the rest is divided in half - 400 Charki and 400 to the minion, leaving them 2096 and 1100 health.
    Thus, the ability can give a good advantage in battle, but to use it you need to have an allied minion nearby. Different minions have different maxhealth reserves.

  • The healing received is also carried out equally between Charki and the minion. But if some kind of healing ability acts only on the heroes, then only Charki receives healing. Chainhealing of Rehgar considers an exo-unit to be one goal.

  • Application [W] during (R2) is not available.

  • Application [E] during (R2) is not available.

  • Application [R2] to the catapult is impossible.

\\ Talents:

— 1 level

1) - [D] - «Blade-hands» - When activated, it turns Charki’s hands into blades for 5 seconds, increasing damage from auto attacks by 50%, and auto attack speed by 25%. The range of auto-attacks increases by 1.1 meters. Basic attacks begin to hit nearby enemies, dealing them 25% of the damage. Requires 2 units of Transitions. Cooldown 30 seconds.

  • The ability cannot be used during the duration of the ability. [W] «Puddle».

  • If during the duration of an ability [D] «Blade-hands» apply ability [Q] «Anvil», then ability**[Q]** will make a straight, narrow, cutting blow with the blade from top to down in the indicated direction at a distance of 2.2 meters, causing 80% of the damage of the ability [Q] to all enemies that come across.

  • If ability [W] «Puddle» was applied at the time of action «Blade-hands», then effect of «Blade-hands» temporarily stops, and continues after the end of the ability [W] «Puddle».

  • The ability can be applied during the duration of the ability [R2] «Living Exoskeleton».

2) - [D] - «Spears-hands» - For a moment, he turns Charki’s hands into spears, and makes a direct attack on the specified side for 5.5 meters, inflicting 136 points of damage with each spear to all affected enemies. Opponents affected by ability [D] «Spears-hands» for 4 seconds take 15% more damage from ability [E] «Prickly Glide». Requires 2 units of Transitions. Cooldown 30 seconds.

  • The simultaneous defeat of the enemy with two spears at once is possible only if the enemy is large and his hitbox hits both straight-parallel “rails” of the strike at once.

  • Lunge in the specified direction does not move Charki, that is, it occurs from a place.

  • The ability can be applied during the duration of the ability [R2] «Living Exoskeleton», and then the width of the spears will increase by 2 times, allowing you to touch one target with both spears.

3) - [D] - «Foot-jumps» - Upon activation, Charki’s legs momentarily turn into jumps, and he makes a high jump in the indicated direction at 6.6 meters. If at the time of the jump [D] use abulity [W] «Puddle», then after landing, Charki will blur-splash into a puddle with a diameter of 4.4 meters. Requires 2 units of Transitions. Cooldown 40 seconds.

  • The jump relieves of the effects of slowing down, but the ability cannot be used during immobilization effect.

  • The ability allows you to overcome obstacles.

  • If you apply the ability [D] «Foot-jumps» during action [R2] «Living Exoskeleton», then the exo-unit will jump in the indicated direction at a short distance - by 4.4 meters, and not by 6.6 meters, as usual.

— 4 level

1) «Liquify» - Decreases unit of Transitions costs of [W] «Puddle» by 2.

2) «Dissolution» - During the duration of the ability [W] «Puddle», Charki recovers 3% of his maximum health every 0.5 seconds. Extends the duration of the ability [W] by 0.5 seconds.

  • Allows you to accumulate a health bonus from a passive ability (D) «Metamorphoses».

3) «Meta-channels» - Each auto attack increases the attack speed by 3.5% up to a bonus of 21%. If Charki does not auto-attack for more than 2 seconds, this effect begins to subside at a rate of 2% per second.

— 7 level

1) «Waving Anvil» - If the opponent is struck by the ability [E] «Prickly Glide», then the next application [Q] within 2 seconds, it will deal 25% more damage to this enemy.

2) «Prickly Puddle» - The ability [W] deals 45 damage to all enemies staying in the Puddle area every 0.5 seconds and slows their movement speed by 20% while they are in the area.

3) «Long Wave» - Increases the displacement range from [E] by 1.1 meters, and increases the damage from the ability by 2.5% for each 1 accumulated Transitions unit at the time of use.

4) «Accumulation» - Increases the maximum health accumulation bonus from the passive effect (D) «Metamorphoses» from 350 to 560 units.

— 10 level

1) - [R1] - «Clap» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

2) - [R2] - «Living Exoskeleton» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

— 13 level

1) «Quick Metamorphosis» - Each auto attack begins to accumulate 2 units of Transitions, instead of 1.

2) «Meta-consequence» - After the end of the action [W], the basic abilities for the next 3 seconds will not require units of Transitions to apply.

3) «Readiness» - Increases the initial stock of Turn units from 2 to 5.

  • This refers to the initial stock, which is restored in any case. That is, without taking and not causing damage for more than 5 seconds, the stock of Charki’s Transitions units will be restored not to 2, but to 5, also at a speed of 1 unit per second. The maximum stock does not change. That is, at start, the stock will not be 2/8, but 5/8 units.

  • The talent allows you to immediately use the ability [W] «Puddle» without additional accumulation. This can be useful if at level 7 talent taken «Prickly Puddle» - to reveal a stealth opponent or start a battle from a puddle. Application of [W] «Puddle» without preparation will also help to avoid a sudden direct strike from an enemy hero, since the ability makes Charki invulnerable.

  • This talent, in synergy with level 4 talent «Liquify» and level 7 talent «Pricky Puddle», allows you to make the following combo without preparation: [D] «Foot-jumps» + [W] «Puddle». That is, since talent level 4 «Liquify» reduces costs of [W] by 2 units of Transitions, then you can use [D] «Foot-jumps» to jump into the battle, and since there are 3 units of Transitions left in stock, you can click in flight [W], to land with an enlarged puddle, and using with level 7 talent «Pricky Puddle» damage enemies. In other words, with this talent at level 13, a player can, without preliminary preparation, puddle-fly-landing into a crowd of enemies in a radius of 6.6 meters around without preliminary preparation.

— 16 level

1) «Total Superiority» - If the health of the enemy hero as a percentage is less than the current percentage health of Charki, then the ability [Q] «Anvil» inflict additional damage to this hero in the amount of 7% of his maximum health. Increases cooldown [Q] by 2 seconds.

  • If with this talent the ability [Q] was applied during the duration of the ability [D] «Blade-hands», then, in accordance with the description of this [D], affected heroes take 80% of this damage, respectively, not by 7% of the maximum health reserve, but by 5.6%.

2) «Double Anvil» - Makes ability [Q] is a two-handed, deals 10% more damage, and hits the two first nearest enemies, not one. Increases the cooldown of [Q] «Anvil» by 2 seconds, and also increases the cost of Transitions units for this ability [Q] from 1 to 2 units.

3) «The Science of Metamorphosis» - While Charki’s health reserve exceeds 70%, the cooldown rate of his basic abilities is increased by 30%.

4) «Multiple Metamorphoses» - Increases the maximum stock of Transitions units to 12.

— 20 level

1) - [R1^] - «Great Clap» - Increases the range of the ability to 38 meters, but increases the cost of Transitions units from 2 to 3.

2) - [R2^] - «Perpetual Exoskeleton» - The duration of the ability becomes unlimited. Decreases the cooldown of an ability by 10 seconds.

3) «Meta-immunity» - After taking damage from an enemy ability, Charki takes 20 points of energy armor for 4 seconds. It does not occur more than once every 12 seconds.

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