New forum syntax guide & details about Trust levels


So where do you see this phoney trust level?


Level 1s can already post videos, I could post the Carbot ibecoolif even if I’m level 1.



Just to make it quick for you, you are level 1.


How do I have trust level one without posting one topic in this new forum format?

Well, anyway… I’m content with just embedding pics and vids, so I guess I’ll be shooting for level 2.

Would be nice to see a progress tracker for this thingy. There should also be a list of trusted websites for the level 2 embedding function.


Good question, if we only had all the info from blizzard who has set up this discourse forum because they can change the trust level functionalities at their own will.


To expand on what SamiSha said, go to your profile, append .json on the end, and look for the highest trust level noted on the screen.

Almost everyone here should only be level 1, and in a week, you’ll see some people with level 2.

After a couple months, we might see some people with level 3.


All you have to do to get Trust Level 1 is enter 5 topics, spend 10 minutes reading, and, read 30 posts.


The guide says login for 15 days for level 2 but I already see people embedding media in their posts. And like I said earlier, I didn’t make any topics before reaching level 1. So obviously the prerequisites are shorter than stated.


You can embed youtube links at level 1 on this forum.


Did you know, if I put the number 7 into this arbitrary function (post_count = post_count + 1) “Bing!” the number 8 comes out? :expressionless: And just think, “my popularity just increased by 1” having read your comment and submitted this post :expressionless: For all of the rewards and goals in life :expressionless: (+1) :expressionless:


By golly, it does work at level 1! Who needs level 2? Lol.


I just tried it out on a topic I made. That’s pretty neat! Thanks for the info! :rainbow::star:
Thanks to the OP as well for all the other info as well! :cat:

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Oh yes, finally got pinned :smile:


I just got dunked on by having a low Trust level because I wanted to include relevant links in a topic I made. While this system encourages people to interact with the forum community and participate in general, I’m unhappy with it because I was excited to use the new forum features and then got my hand slapped for trying to.

If your account is not at the appropriate Trust level, the forums should not display features you cannot make use of.


Some of the syntax commands look the same as markdown; ought to be good practice for users who also contribute on GitHub. Would you be familiar with the markdown cheatsheet posted by adam-p on GitHub?


Many basic markdown syntax works here but not all. Same goes for BBCode and HTML. The forum software is smart enough to filter out what is allowed and what is not.


Question: do ingame silence ever “clear” or once you’ve have one you’ll never ever get T3?


Don’t count on it, but I heard people who were silenced while they were level 3 on the OW forums and they claimed they still had level 3.


Ok I actually got Trust Level 3 yay, I can see an new option to create a wiki on my posts now.

It seems in game suspensions and forum bans will probably refresh your trust level and not actually deny you from getting it back. :smile: