New Forum baby!


I guess they’ll just have read and gauge the responses :frowning:

I’m sure they’ll get right on this.

In the mean time as a work around, if you see a comment you normally would’ve downvoted- you can leave a comment to the poster explaining why you disagree with their comment or disliked it. It’s inconvenient to discuss on a discussion forum, I know. But it’s our only good option for now.


I’ll let you in on a little secret. The devs have never cared how many likes or dislikes an idea received. The only criteria that would influence whether or not they would share an idea was the merits of the idea itself.

To them, likes and dislikes were meaningless (As they should be).

Not even in the slightest. What it does require is actual effort. You have to actually read and think critically about the ideas shared by each poster.

That’s what forums are actually designed for.


Very fresh and updated forums! This is so much better :slight_smile:


Why at every turn do you seem to have this peculiar curiosity, to the extent of pure dichotomy, over popularity and merit? That is, especially considering your complaints regarding downvotes, or populace opinion, seem oddly contradictory. And now you are favoring merit? When we finally come to prefer one over the other, please let everyone know: Because as certain as the wind continues to blow, everything continues to change.


A lot of it has to do with ‘what feels right’ for the character. What fits their personality, etc, but it’s largely just the whims of the Animator working on that hero, haha. Yrel’s dance, for example, is a combination of a video I found on the interwebs, and my personal go-to move on the dancefloor.

Many heroes will date themselves with their dances or taunts, which I kind of revel in. If there is a pop culture reference that is rather viral at the time, the animator sometimes draws inspiration from that. I animated Junkrat’s dance in the heat of that trend. He wasn’t released until 6 months later, or something - unfortunately outliving the fame of the moves, themselves. :wink:

Thank you! I will!


What video? (out of curiosity)

Whoever gave Zarya that dab dance is a genius.

Even if the dance itself becomes irrelevant of what it is referencing it still makes a really cool “time capsule effect” which makes it more memorable.

Also would it ever be possible to add in SFX to the dances if it has a vibe with them? For example Pharah in Overwatch has an air guitar emote/dance that creates particles and its own sound effects.


Whyyyy thank you. :sunglasses:

If our artist had bandwith at the time, absolutely! i.e. Chromie has sand clones that show up and dance with her.


I wonder if this will be as “heavily moderated” as the Overwatch forum, where the moment someone criticized Blizzard, the mods slam the warnings and suspensions on you.


Additionally, sometimes there are elements of a character’s fantasy or lore that we really want to bring into the Nexus, but can’t fit into the ability kit. Hearths, taunts and dances are the perfect place for us to geek out and add the tiny bits of flair that speak to the character, or sometimes our own personalities.

A personal example of this for me is the Portal FX for Deckard Cain’s Hearth. There was a heavy sentiment across the team that Deckard just HAD to use a portal for something, but it didn’t fit with the design of his abilities. It was great to be able to retain that fantasy using his Hearth animation though!


The team often puts art into the game that doesnt necessarily come to fruition for the heroes; so for example ghost probius or greymane shark pirate and stuff like that where we only see sprays or something for these cool skin ideas. What’s the thought process behind not following up on skin designs like these and just teasing these ideas? I think a lil ghost probius floating around with an ethereal sheet flowing, some booing and beeping, maybe an old time candelabra theme for a photon cannon would be cool.


I agree that would be awesome!

As for the process, it really comes down to time. Between our incredible community and our awesome developers we have absolutely no lack of amazing ideas being generated. We only have so much time to develop assets though and a skin takes a lot more of that time than something like a spray. But anything can happen in the Nexus and if you’re particularly passionate about an idea, we definitely want to hear about it!

Can Probius get more creative skins please?

These new forums suck. They’re just easier for the lazy mods to censor.



Bets feature is how I have no idea what I am reading. There are clicking spaces everywhere, some scrolling down thing on the right, replies to a post, but also I think they are further down the post etc.
But I believe it is just me not being used to this interface.


Just pretend it’s a new hero we have to learn :wink:


That movie sucked.


Thanks Captain.
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You already have them. 0% of Alex’s skins are “fat.”

Pro-boo-us and Swabbius need to be skins! :slight_smile:


So you’re saying we should just keep pestering you about skins for Rsgnaros, and one day the art team will finally get on it? Roger that.


LMAO, my posts got deleted. Did someone’s feelings get hurt? looool