(New) Big Game Hunter [Gazlowe rework]

(New) Big Game Hunter [Passive]

* Dealing damage with Basic Attacks to Heroes, Mercs or Monsters reduces the cooldown of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by 2 seconds. Increase maximum Scrap by 2.

Maybe the merc or monster parts could be excluded from the talent in favour of buffing the effect against heroes. I’m not sure how powerful he is after the rework, but I have many ideas of how to exploit this talent if you consider that mercs unlike minions have infinite life if you decide to leash and reset them on purpose. This interaction is worst with the ogres who will never hit you with their attacks unless you are asleep at the desk, while fighting different camps you might at least lose some health either on your hero or turrets.

With almost no effort you can easily and quickly create a a nest of turrets at strategic choke points by exploiting the cooldown reduction mechanic.

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So while you’re off building a clump of turrets nearby the enemy team is actually being productive? That’s a ton of setup to lead to something that’s kinda helpful. What map has ogres nearby objectives? Spending a couple minutes building a clump of turrets means you didn’t help your team push lanes or team fight or even capture merc camps…

Instead of doing all those things you’re setting up am ambush and praying the enemy walks into it. I’d say the risk vs. reward is kinda high. I’m trying to imagine how hard my team would be flaming me in SL if I just camped at a ogre camp instead of soaking lanes or actually clear merc camps. The rage would be real…

Garden of Terror. It has camps right next to where the seeds sprout. Building up a lot of turrets would help there. But I believe the OP did not take into account that the turrets now have only 15 seconds of lifetime instead of the former 30 seconds.

If you try this, you find that if you leave the turrets in range of the mercs, they won’t leash even if Gaz leaves since they will continue to attack the turrets. So they need to be placed out of the mercs’ ranges. Which means he needs to keep moving to the mercs to basic attack them and build up some scrap, then move far enough away to place the turret out of range of them (his range to place turrets is pretty short now). The CD reduction doesn’t really make enough difference to account for the time it takes him to move back and forth. They mostly end up dying as he places more.

However, if you take Overcharged Capacitors at 13, which allow them to be infinite as long as you continue to attack anything, it can work. I fiddled around with them in Try Mode and found I could build them up a bit. But it is still fairly hard. The issue is that when you need to wait for them to leash AND recover enough health so they aren’t going to die, you wait so long that your turrets can start dying off. Its really pretty tricky keeping all the plates spinning, so to speak.

That said, I don’t feel it is something that needs to be gotten rid of. It is a unique way to play him, and part of the fun of heroes is finding special ways to combine talents and tactics to discover interesting emergent gameplay.