New AI interactions with Cho'Gall

Had a game earlier playing as Cho’Gall where the gall player disconnected at the start of the game for ~10 mins. The Gall bot never took over. We were also unable to ping the gall bot to try and get it to activate due to all pings being directed at Cho.

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Hey MurkyOrFeed!

I’ll take a look into this now! Thanks :smiley:

Can confirm. If the Gall player disconnects, AI will not take over as it would in the past. We are unable to make Gall follow us in order to activate its AI as any ping to Gall even on his portrait directs to Cho himself.

A simple revert to Gall from using the new AI behavior would suffice. In Try Mode as Cho, Gall is controlled by AI as usual.