Need A Squad For SL (Storm League)

Hey guys! I love playing this game, but i get extremely frustrated when i get a team that is not so good. I’m trying to climb ranked, but due to bad teammates and bad games, i keep dropping. Anyone who wants a squad to play with, speak up! I’m a pretty flexible player, and the first four people to reply are in!

(Put your 2 best roles when you reply)
My Battletag: FIreBlast#1270

Which region do you play your games in?

i play in north america

i’m in the same situation as you , if you want add me zegger#11637

i’m a good bruiser and a good ranged assassin. But i’m willing to fill whatever to help.

hey, i’ll be adding you

I am tank most of the time, i can do ranged assassin and occassional healer bobular#1215

i have been running healer lately so if you wanna join the squad than send me a friend request

Been playing since alpha, love this game looking for a solid group of players.
I can fill all roles, lean more towards RA/BRUISER/TANK.
I believe with a skilled group, my talents would be in tanking-primary engage.

Great! Another good addition to our roster!