Mouse frozen on a Mac (again) >:(


This issue seemed resolved, but again when launching Heroes of the Storm, the mouse freezes and won’t move.


I’m experiencing this issue, too. It stopped working after I updated my mac os to the latest.


Happening to me as well after latest OS update. Used to work in menus and freeze in-game. After restoring to default settings, the mouse no longer works in menus either.


Same thing happening to me was working fine last night but now it won’t work I haven’t made any changes to my Mac though?


I must have missed it but did anyone say what was the fix?


Thanks for the reports everyone! We hope to have this issue fixed when we can.
Please try these workaround steps in the meantime.

You can find further discussion on Mac Specific issues in the Mac Forums.

~ Fizivix


It’s been months and there’s no fix? When will this issue finally be fixed?? Absolutely pathetic.


Adjust the resolution for the game and it worked for me then I just changed it back when it worked again.