Mouse cursor won't move on Mac ingame


When i log in, select character, start game etc it works completely fine, but when actual game starts i cant move cursor at all in any screen modes.
Even to log out i need to cmd+tab to be able to move cursor in another window, then cmd+tab into the game again and click, repeat (3 iterations).

You’ve rolled out a hotfix recently after which this sh*t started, so maybe it’s related somehow.

UPD: Works fine in windowed (not full screen) mode, but it really smells


Same here, regular PC. Everything’s fine till the game starts. Once in, I can cast abilities, chat, etc, but it seems like the mouse clicks are lagged and I must click several times before the character moves, but sometimes it just won’t. The mouse will perfectly works at menus, but not in the game screen.


Please see this post in the Mac Support forum, with a possible fix/workaround involving Accessibility settings: