Mod is scared of me stop deleting my post you bum

I’m the best player to ever grace this game, period. Diamond - Grandmaster players are all boosted sponsored bums with zero skill, and if I was wrong HGC would still exist. If I wasn’t banned on more then 10 accounts for talking ish to bums who think they’re good and abuse power I would have 55,000 - 60,000 total games on one account. I can play any hero whenever I want but I prefer to be a Medivh 1 trick. With that said not many people will take this seriously lmao just like how I dont take Grandmasters seriously the feeling is mutual. I don’t want Diamond - Grandmasters to join me, you all disgust me and I know not think youre all clowns. Go join HGC in 2025. With that said for all my exiled Bronze - Platinum players if you think you deserve Grandmaster do me a favor.

Type your 3 main heroes for each role im looking for specific players to join me and get #1-5 Grandmaster like we deserve.

Tank: name 3 heroes
Bruiser: name 3 heroes
Melee: name 3 heroes
Ranged: name 3 heroes
Support: name 3 heroes
Support: name Medivh

Show me your favorite heroes and type in your and if you pass my test I will send you a friend invite. When I find 5 players we will go dominate Ranked gameplay because Diamond - Grandmasters are a bunch of no skill bums.

To those who try to troll this post you will be ignored I will find 5 players to dominate you bum clowns from Diamond - Grandmaster don’t waste your time typing to me you will be ignored.

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I’m a boosted platinum player and i say we show those boosted grandmaster player what’s what.

So how did your game went oh master of Hots :rofl: :rofl: :clown_face:

Damn, this is an old post. I found it pretty funny lol

Tank: Mei, muradin, diablo

range: jaina, Jr, Raynor

Melee: ilidan, butcher, quits

Bruise: hogger, xul, rag.

Heals: Mal, Lili, Lucio

Support: tlv, aba, probius

I play everything add me :call_me_hand:this game is simple