Mei is probably overtuned, but how exactly?

So, I got enough gold saved the other day to purchase Mei, my OW waifu before mean uncle Jeff murdered her. And I’m kinda puzzled. She seems strong but nothing on paper screams broken to me at least. I don’t really feel I get any major power spikes other than lvl 10 but I still end up winning more games than I probably should. Even when playing against her I don’t feel particularly oppressed, I just lose sometimes. Are there any standout talents or are the other talents just weak in comparison? To me they seem pretty low key mostly. Or is it that you don’t really notice constant 15-20% upgrades until the very end?

When released people said she was pretty balanced but avalanche and crystallize are too strong, and which received minor nerfs the next patch. So how come does a hero, and I’m paraphrasing what I believe was the general forum sentiment at the time, that is durable but low damage and lacking in reliable hard CC end up with slightly over 55% WR and 100% pick/ban rate? Sure avalanche is nice and all but compared to other ults in the game is it really strong enough to skyrocket her WR just because its CD is slightly too short?

What do you think? Is it the base stats, talents ults or what that need looking into?

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Right now avalange + the big after stun is still OP

Her W is a large zoning tool and her crystalise is still OP

Qtalents needs a buff
13 talents needs to be toned down


I think that is more a matter of league, in silver / gold / platinum she is very good mostly because of the space creation she is able to create. The enemy team usually struggle to deal with her cc which let her own team a good window.
She also have a lot of strong talent effects which are unknown by a lot of players but game changing. For exemple induce hibernation on lvl 7 which is reducing the enemy damage by 40% till they are in her W + 4 secondes. That mean that a good W, even without stunning, will reduce the enemy Team dmg by 40% for at least 5 secondes. Not a lot of people are aware of that hence her role in a team fight can be undervalued.
That + the space creating + her ultimates make her very good to protect her team.

I don’t know how she is doing in upper leagues, but I guess player better know how to manage her.

Referred stats are from HeroesProfile from diamond and master games, so pretty high level. Induce hibernation doesn’t give the extra 4 seconds of reduced damage unless you are in the blizzard when it ends

Crystallize is certainly a high performer but I’ve still to fully grasp its function. Is it the CD, 1 second of spell armor or the whole ice block thing? Compared to Jojo’s trait for example, its kinda underwhelming. Not that it isn’t strong or anything.

She is fine, I’d just like to see her Avalanche snowball properly collide with the first terrain, because it is not really consistent at this moment.

It’s kind of silly that it carries you over certain bodies of water on BHB map and on some maps that include the Boss Golem, it will sometimes carry the enemy players right off the capture point, across the tree line. There is really no consistent counter play to this and is much easier to steal a camp with it than using Gust or Leyline.

Overall I don’t have anything else to complain about, because she suffers in many aspects compared to other tanks which doesn’t make fighting against her a stressful experience. Also there’s a big lvl 20 Avalanche bug that allows enables a huge burst of unpreventable damage, check the subsection for details.


She is doing good in the upper leagues. Still a good ban and pick. Hero with zoning tools and a iceblock at will always does strong

I like Mei’s kit and talents, but my biggest gripes with her is her lack of engage and lack of reliable CC.

Her survivability is too damn strong. Even for a tank. She has high health + ranged attack + cryo-freeze + a dash she can use as an escape and a level 20 talent for another get out of jail free card.

Also she has really good zoning and Avalanche is another obvious issue.


That’s what make her balanced I guess? If she would have reliable CC and better engage she would be clearly OP. But I agree that Avalanche is some what problematic, there is no reason to pick the other ult.

Like Johanna.

But this is what ETC already has. Her W is so easily avoidable if you have any form of mobility that she doesn’t seem threatening at all. She doesn’t really have any tools against mobility heroes.

But ETC hasn’t her trait and he’s melee.

A hero shouldn’t have answers for anything.

It doesn’t have to hit people. If it forced people out of an area, it’s done its job.


If nothing about her stands out, then maybe she’s just over-statted? If that’s the case then maybe a mild HP nerf could do the the trick.

Personally I’m also unsure of what should be targeted.

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I don’t believe it is a numbers issue (other than Crystallize at 4), but how everything in her kit, including her most popular talents, are all multi-purpose to an extreme extent. Her Q is a slow and a blind, as well as damage. Her W is a slow, a stun, a zoning tool, and can be talented to be damage reduction. Her E is an engage, a disengage, a displacement, a slow, and can be talented to be a movespeed and armor buff. Both of her heroics are similarly multi-purpose.

This makes for an extremely overloaded kit, even if any one aspect of it doesn’t look impressive in isolation. When you compare this to other tanks, it feels overwhelming, as most abilities and heroics from even the top tier tanks are much more single-purpose.

At least that is how it feels to me playing as her and against her as a tank.


Imo she’s balanced. She has no damage and weak waveclear. Her engage is predictable and not great. The only thing i feel she really has is being tanky and avalanche. Other than that she’s meh.

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i have feeling that she never dies

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Her trait is really good.

Lvl 4, 13, and 16 are big spikes. “Crystallize” “Cooling Servos” and “Acclimation

And she has options to build for a lot of situations.

Plus, yeah. Avalanche wins fights.

both crystalize at 4 and avalanche need further nerfs, that’s all. blizzard too gentle on the nerfs these days. further nerf the cooldown reduction of crystalize, and increase avalanche cooldown by like 20 seconds or so.

Mei isn’t overtuned, she’s quite fine

She has weak mana efficiency, low damage, and long cooldowns.

Her only saving grace is that she is EXTREMELY durable thanks to Crysallize. Pre-nerf, she was the hardest hero in the game to kill by a long shot, since it was ALWAYS off cooldown

The real issue with this talent is it’s literally Auriel’s ultimate WITH the level 20 upgrade. She doesn’t quite get Physical Armor, but she doesn’t need it when there’s nothing physical in the game that can burst her hard enough to offset the massive self heal she gets on top of it.

That is it. That’s the only thing that makes her strong. Without that one, single talent, she’s pretty pathetic with some cool gimmicks, but other tanks do the same things, but better, and often times more frequently.

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