Matchmaking Update - December 21, 2018


ALL PICK replaces quick match

that’s how you fix quick match. Find 10 players put them in a draft screen and everybody picks at the same time while knowing what map they are on and chatting with thier team mates for like 60 seconds.

You dont have to worry about matching team compositions this way and finding matches will be alot more quick.



I want talk about League Placement system .

The Player who become low Master On last season , he took 2wins and 8 loses on new season and agian he placed on 500 points Master …i think That guy must drop to diamond ! in other side The player who was rdy D3 on last season after win 8 games and took 2 loses done placements on D3 with full points
I think this is not true… that guy must be 1 rank higher like D2 or D1 .
work on it please.

best regards




I’m getting into matches in under 30 seconds and they still all have a tank and healer on each team. I dunno what you did, but it’s incredible.


Absolutely disgusting and dispicable change.

I got an INSTANT QUEUE with 3 specialists (Probious Murky Sylvanas) and a Tassadar while I was playing Lucio.

INSTANT QUEUE for that garbage. It didn’t even wait.


This is, actually good thing to hear, I thought they dumpstered the rules.


Have we ever considered for QM to have people select their top for each role? You are guaranteed one of them. Maybe you put your preference for each type in order. A compromise for the “anything” selection. I know I’d be willing to pick my top warrior, support, et cetera.


This post is purely about QM – suggestions.

So last night I had games with 2 tanks vs 1 and we lacked damage. Tanks were in need at that point to so how we got 2 lol?
Were there only 3 tank players within my skill level on last night?
You’d think it would make 1 player wait a little longer or make a team with 1 tank and no tank.
I might add we lacked damage as the other 3 were not ‘that damaging’ in all these games, or there damage was late game. Not all tanks can get good damage.

The good old unbalanced QM, I often had games where if you just swapped 2 players the game would have ended up balanced.
I’m not sure how the matching system managed this and there MMR was the same going by hots logs most of the time – although that is a different system. A quick after pick check would have solved that issue easily as a patch to the existing system and id still recommend Blizzard consider doing this.

But I have other suggestions. But keep in mind I do not have access to the mountains of data Blizzard probably have on game generations and player picks. It would be interesting to analyse that data and come up with a solution.

I suspect what we need to accept is that we may need to embrace balanced yet wonky match ups.
5 assassins vs 5 assassins might not be what the game is going for, but hey it’s balanced right!

Priority should be given to ‘the desired match up’ however, but if you want to play the popular thing then it’s just something you have to get use to.

I also think that bruisers could take the tank slot a lot of the time depending on skill level and what the rest of the teams are.

So simplified an idea for a ‘goal’ might be…
Slot 1: Tank or Bruiser
Slot 2: Bruiser or ‘assassin’
Slot 3: Healer or other or assassin
Slot 4 assassin
Slot 5 other or assassin


  • Slots should be identical for both team tank for tank Bruiser for Bruiser.
  • No slot should directly counter its partner. So Slot 1 should not be a strong counter of what’s in the other teams slot 1.
  • Ideally the skill level of the players should also be matched in slot positions. So both tanks are of the same skill level, or both healers. When there is a tank or healer skill imbalance it’s often obvious, assassins tends to be less of a problem as there are more of them in the game.

Note: Assassin I would break down into different types and abilities, range or melee? Do they have AOE, poke, dive, self-sustain, stealth, something else or not.
I would also give each hero a CC rating and try to balance this on both teams. It’s really annoying when all you have is a single Murdin skill shot stun, vs Malganis, Deckard, Jaina…

Then finally once it’s found a match up, check that match as I said before. This will make balanced teams, solong as there isn’t literally 1 person online willing to play healer lol. But indeed no data to actually work with so I can only guess. I do not know what the problems are that need to be dealt with, so I cannot find solutions.

And that’s perhaps Blizzards biggest flaw. ‘The players don’t know.’

Let’s say you want a quick game, you’re not too sure what you want to play… Now if there was some thing to tell you the number of available players for each “slot position” for your skill level perhaps players would think. Hmmm well they really need slot 1 and 3 filling, more so slot 3… So I could play tank but might not get a healer, or I could just go healer and be more likely to get a tank. Or perhaps it may influence the choice of assassin to one that is required.

And lastly something that would also help players is actually telling us what roles thing are and perhaps why?
I mean seriously just when dose a tank become a bruiser? No one has managed to give me an answer where there is no exception to the rule lol. “Oh its damage” … yet some tanks can do a lot of damage. “Well a bruiser can’t take burst damage” … yet you can bust a Murdin or Diablo down. And then when dose a bruiser become a Melee assassin?
Nothing is clear, just look at Yrel! I’m not sure if it’s changed in an update yet but you call her a tank in her description, yet do not class her as a tank. If you’re describing something as something it’s not then it’s no wonder I see a lot of confused players.

If Sylvan was re-classed as an assassin and not a specialist, then it wouldn’t have taken youtube videos for people to work out not to play her and die a lot in the solo lane. The game changed literally overnight when one well known hots youtuber uploaded to show people how to play her as an assassin. It has nothing to do with the buff you gave her, how many people actually read the patch notes vs just want to play? Right now she is so OP its insane lol but that’s another story.

It’s a little abstract but classifications effect matching times by altering peoples picking, mood, expectations and satisfaction.

And the most last, last thing I’m gona mention, some psychology game developers should know about already.
Once you have your perfectly balanced matching system, make sure to add in some matches where players are stomped, or do the stomping. From time to time, an unbalanced match can be a good thing!
Why? Because if anything lacks a random element, it becomes boring. Melting the other team sometimes is fun! And being melted reminds us there is always someone better than us. It’s not fun to play well balanced games over and over.

Personally I didn’t mind the old unbalanced QM system, if I wanted balance I would have been playing unranked draft lol. Call of the nexus was a great idea tho.


I hope that you somehow still prioritize the tank, support the QM games were getting fun and enjoyable with the changes but now it’s back to random brawls after a 5 man assassin game i took a tank in hopes that i get a well rounded team but still our team didn’t have a support!!!


While I sympathize with the ones who are still left on the HotS team and obviously doing as much as you can to improve the game - based on the improved communication and frequency of posts - I have to still say that decisions like these will not improve anything noteworthy.
Unless you think amount of games played at a given time regardless of outcome can be considered an “improvement”.

A big reason why high level games should be with and against high level players is that the skill discrepency is so large that the game quickly becomes fun to miserable simply because a lot of “stuck” players aren’t aware of how to play the map nor their picks in an efficient way. In fact back when you enforced this change I spent even more time in HL because it was so much more fun to only play with GM’s/Masters over Diamond players due to the skill gap being too large.

I’ll provide a solution for you - promote educational content creators - streamers or youtubers - in the battlenet app, not random QM streamers.
This way you can help the overall playerbase improving to get better rather than have them grind endless games until the PBA or whatever pulls them high enough with a 51% winrate.
It’s a night and day difference between a Master 2k+ points and a Diamond 1 player. Don’t make the gap all the way to GM or Master 8k+ points to Diamond 5. That’s terrible in all ways imagineable.


Good for you, but we (the players) didn’t see it any better, but we at least now need to wait minutes for the equally thrash games…


Great job :clap: Today I had 2 games with 3 tanks and no healer and 2 games with healer but no tank. And let´s no speak about multi specialist teams. We are back to lost by matchmaking matches.


Wow, match quality has dropped precipitously with yesterday’s change.

Good job, at least Quick Match was playable before albeit with long queues, now they’re extremely fast, extremely garbage games, even WORSE than they were before your update in the first place.


Make up your mind people lol
You want balance or speed?

i say if you want balance, play unranked … its what its for :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t win a single game like the months before, i can send you tons of screenshots where i lose 10 games in a row, quickmatch aswell as ranked.
My rating is ruined, i play since beta but it really feels broken since this autumn, ill probably uninstall instead of getting cancer from these experiments.


Yet again no one can figure out what they want, flip flopping will just annoy anyone still playing.


Or they could sacrifice some speed for better quality and find a middle ground.

QM is even worse than it was before the change.


The last update make QM even worse than before the forcing of comp recently added (that was almost like it was back in the old days, with a Warrior and a Support on each team).
Now totally random comp are everywhere even if I play a Healer or pair up with a Tank.

It seems I’ve to go back to UR or TL, but there I can’t play what I want because of ban (I’m currently having tons of fun with Orphea, after leaving poor Kerrigan).

I don’t really know how to fix it but it’s the most played mode in the game, expecially by new players, and I don’t want to immagine what kind of experience they’ll find with totally garbage comps all the time.
How can they learn the basic of the game when almost every match is a clownfiesta?
But hey… Istant queue!


So basically going to go back to how it was BEFORE 2.0 ? ?

I have been saying this from the sec they launched it…

If only the clowns @ Blizz would have hired me … I mean my salary would cost them alot less than all the crap they got from this change and re-change…


Well… the cry babies didnt like to have to wait 3 min for a game… so …