Matchmaking is unbalanced

The matchmaking is extremely unbalanced in this game. Recently i have gathered 14 straight losses. It is thanks to balance of this game. 90% of these games i got as teamates some russian dudes that spoke only russian or did not communicate at all. They play as they play solo game and dont care about anything else. There is also skill factor. My teamates sometimes play like bots and not players and the enemy team gets tryhards that just got out of pro league.


What a novel and interesting subject to discuss on these forums.


this is normal for this game.

QM was never made to be balanced even tho the devs tried thier best to make it balanced. But sadly people that team up in premades cried cause que times was too long for them so they had to remove forced tank/healer games again and cater to the crying premades that now run around with 80%+ winrate they now can flex on every solo players face.


I get your frustration, but you just hit the bingo:

  • rage thread
  • blaming speaking russian
  • claiming allies are like bots while enemy is tryhard pros
  • taking not even the slightest responsibility for a loss streak (of 14?!.)
  • MM is being somehow responsible for what language ppl speak and how hard they try to win



I miss that short amount of time when you’d get a tank and healer in every match, even if you sacrifice having as short queue times. They never felt long to me and its not like they’re short now either.


I miss those days too, but it did increase queue times for the majority. It’s only my anecdotal experience, but since that MM change was made, I think the majority of my QM games have both tank/healer than not.


Sry Minky, love your threads and all, but the issue is not about QM only : SL is bloated with unfairness.

The OP didn’t state which mode they were complaining about. I do agree with you about SL, I could see the potential issues with SL when it was first announced.

I was slightly rebuffed by people on the forums when I said the new rules for SL allowing players to group as any party size and 2 ranks apart would mean less competitive games, lead to more uneven match quality and open up rank to abuse with smurfs and higher ranked players trying to boost lower ranked friends.

I stand along my initial concerns, as my experience in Plat, I’m often playing with and against Silver players (or Diamond), many are higher ranked smurfs, some are lower ranked, either way this can make the match quality very uneven and rough compared to solo queue Hero League.

The often stated refrain on this forum (and the old) was “Just climb up the ranks and then you will play with players of your own skill.” This is no longer true as I’m often playing with/against players 2 ranks lower, or 2 ranks higher, so sometimes it just feels like a heavily MMR averaged QM with a draft, or basically a Rainbow game.

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There was a website that posted the win rates by comps.

I remember that tank, healer, bruiser, and two dps was never at the top.
I wanted to link it here so you could see the data.

Guess why this game is dead. Matchmaking was the big problem since beginning. They never got it to work. But instead of concentrating they effort on fixing that problem, they went esports and rather dumbed the game down with useless new features.

I’d like to see that.

There are a few viable comps that aren’t that exact one but they mostly depend on the hero. For example, Uther can replace the bruiser in double heal comps, tanks like Blaze and Arthas can replace the bruiser in double tank comps, heroes like Varian or Imperius can replace the main tank role, Illidan can replace the bruiser/offlane role.

Even though those comps don’t follow the cookie cutter comp you mentioned, they’re still viable and in my opinion balanced comps. Now comps like 5 damage, or 4 damage and a tank, or 4 damage and a healer can be miserable matches. A healer without a tank means they’ll get less peels, especially vs dive comps. A tank with no healer means they’ll most likely die when they try to tank. Or you’ll get a stupid comp like Abathur on one team and a Medivh on the other and then a bunch of assassins. Those are the dumb comps I’m talking about.

Some heroes are very flexible. I’ve won 4 SL games as “main tank” Uther this season. Uther was a last resort pick as nobody on my team had drafted a tank or a healer. I’ve seen more double bruiser comps too this season, perhaps because Johanna and Mei are usually first bans.


Yeah while this thread was about randomly blaming people for not talking your native tongue or being from a certain region he is still correct, and people who have replied are correct.

The game has incredibly unbalanced matches pretty much every single game. Like i just played with 5 assasins on our side 4 assasins and a tanky bruisers on enemy side. Both shouldve had a bruiser.

When the game had the forced matchmaking(forced class requirements) it was the best time in the game

In a way it was but it also destroyed the que time for premades that que up with full dps teams. But all in all it gave qm some more fairness cause alot of dmg dealers cant deal dmg without a tank to guard them and a healer to heal them. What fun is there to play 5vs5 dps qm games that are all decided on which team got most self heal/burst dmg heroes.

Maybe the premades that abuse qm and got 80% win rate love it but the rest dont.

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Yes it is. But not because of streaks (they happen to everybody who plays solo), but because of groups and smurf.

Blizzard always catered for unbalance and this one of the reasons their game is dead.

Pretty sure this happens to everyone at some point unless they only play in a stack.

always been broken just like the report system . no reason to fix it now