Matchmaking and Rank system Must be updated

There’s countless of people at around account level 150-200 that slip into Platinum matches and when you play during the match you literally see how inexperienced they are when they play. There’s imo only 2 reasons they’re there in Platinum… Massively boosted by someone WAY more experienced or a smurf.

But when you see how inexperieced they are that just leaves the reason of them being extremely boosted. Playing in a rank they have no reason to be in.

Can’t we finally get a good and polished Matchmaking system with a nice and fresh new Rank ladder making it more accurate in placing various players to their correct rank.

A Side suggestion.
Maybe throw in 2 new rank levels like between Silver and Gold
and another between Gold and Platinum.

So like Bronze -> Silver -> New Rank -> Gold -> New Rank -> Platinum
The “new rank” doesn’t have to be a full rank like the others, it could be something else. like a “Player challenge” kinda thing of some sort. Something that’s engaging for the player but not too grindy just to evaluate better. Maybe it could be done in a way that makes it anoying for a smurf player to go throu over and over again.

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Smurfs are a problem and they slip into all ranks. They would especially be a problem in Silver and Gold as the highest new accounts can rank is Gold 5, the majority placing in Silver. Players in every rank (except GM) have reported of players that seem to lack the requisite skill to be in their rank, it’s not limited to, or mostly in Platinum.

As SL allows people to group 3 ranks apart, boosting is a problem, unless they change this rule you will always have this problem. As long as people can play from account level 50 and there is no level cap on heroes, the smurf problem will continue.

In part they lifted those restrictions to encourage new players to join draft mode faster, as draft is they way HOTS optimally should be played. It had the unfortunate consequence of making it very easy to smurf, being able to group (unlike old HL) makes it even easier for people.

What is your suggestion to improve the Matchmaking system? The Devs has tried many different systems, none has pleased many people. I think our current version is the worst, as it’s the old Team League model. I’m not sure how it can be improved with a lack of population to support a solo only queue and a full team queue. Also there is a lack of support like guilds to help people group up in the first place.

As for a fresh new Rank Ladder, if you’re talking about a full MMR reset, I don’t think that will solve any of the problems with Matchmaking and potentially make it worse.

I can’t see this doing anything to improve matchmaking.

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What’s 2 new leagues between silver and gold gonna do, when it doesn’t solve the basic issue of the game having like 100 players queuing for ranked at night.

At this point it doesn’t even matter when I log on, I can recognize half the players in my game from a week, month or year ago.

Oh, and getting a party from chat is useless, it has the same people daily since years ago. I already remember their names, mains and ranks, and even their political opinions. Most chatters are AI mains or QM players, not SL people.

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Not a MMR reset, just a new type of way of placing various players in ranks, i don’t feel like the system is doing any justice to place any player in the right rank.
The fact that the game is team-based makes your MMR very dependant on other people rather than yourself. Very dependant is the word here. Not saying it’s the biggest contributor for your MMR, just that other people affect it very hard.

I uninstalled HotS cuz it is too unhealthy for me. I’m constantly in a bad mood cuz i get triggered by how poor matchups i get every other match. I just can’t seem to enjoy my experience in it as i used to. The Matchmaking and the unbalanced hero designs being the biggest drawback. Played it so much, today i only see the flaws instead of seeing what’s balanced everytime i enter the game.

I don’t, I play in EU and everytime i press “Ready” i find a match within 1-10 sec and none of the players i see are people i recognize and the only time i see a bot is if i Que for A.I matches (which i never do) or if someone leaves (which kinda happens like once every 20 matches). Whatever time i que during the day i never see bots.

:smiley: just had lvl 104 player with lvl 50 imperius on team.
In Diamond 5.
A russian one-trick pony.
Imperius got banned by the enemy.

Our team picks Tass and Orphea.
The russian goes full toxic, how two mages are not viable and picks Zagara.
He afk-pushed lines most of the game.

I was tank Varian and the last guy, with prepicked Dehaka since start of the game had to get a healer.

Now somehow we won the game.
Felt like a punishment.
The thing is, that russian lvl 100 accoutn shouldnt be near diamond.
Yet he was.
Sadly, I dont want to lose 200 rank points to let that kid fall out of diamond.
So after winning, he got 200 points and is rising up.

But I have no idea how to prevent this.
Only thing that comes to my mind is to make strict league requirements.