Matched with person I just blocked from previous match

I legit just was matched with a player I blocked bcus they where intentionally dying and just afking anywhere on map like is my experience supposed to be better I legit had to just drop the match. The irony is it was just at start no complaints or nothing just wasn’t standing around in 1st match.

I know the games dead but this maybe shouldn’t happen.

blocking a player doesn’t have any bearing on the matching.

Since the forum added a “this is similar” detectors, you might have even gotten a notification that people have posted this before, and you could have seen the replies to that too.

The game uses mmr, and if you were in a game with someone before, the mmr range isn’t going to be different enough for the next game to exclude them. Something being ‘legit’ doesn’t mean someone knows how something works, or rather, why it doesn’t cater to the impulsive demand.


Game dont have any avoid figures. Only thing you can do is put him on /w and wait for him to que into a game before you do it yourself.

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Others have stated the reasons why. The only thing you can do is open the end screen tab and either whisper the players (don’t speak to them) and wait for their status to change to “in game” or “offline.” I’ve done that often to avoid the kind of player you describe.