Master Chief and Spyro in the Nexus

What will happen sometime after the purchase by Microsoft?

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I feel like everyone is getting a bit ahead of the news.

Maybe someone else could clear something up regarding it for me as I’m not a big business savvy and there might be a few on the forums; the articles state that the deal “will close at the end of the fiscal year of 2023” aka 18 months.

Wouldn’t that mean that Microsoft’s influence over Blizzard titles would be quite limited until that?

Or can they start making bigger decisions currently? Could they tell Blizzard, if they wanted, to put more funds towards HotS (their own funds?) and tell them to, like OP questions, make Master Chief a hero?


As someone who has played nearly all Spyro games on PS2 that would be the greatest that would happen if he got added to the roaster.


None of the Activision franchise characters showed up in HotS, so I doubt any other Microsoft franchise characters will either.


hmm, maybe Deathwing Spyro skin? And Alexa could get a Cynder skin :smiley:
But im still hoping for Ori getting added :smiley:


For any of this to happen, this game needs to actually be worked on.
We haven’t got a Blizzard character in like the last year.
So they’d probably need to assign a team to even work on this first.

Let’s not. I’m sure Brightwing will get a new skin, though.

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I more expect microsoft to axe this game than actually improving it. I’m still salty from when they bought Rareware in the early 2000’s and released nothing worth mentioning.

Already exist. Just check his purple colour tint.
But now Blizz can be less subtle with these, more obvious.

Spyro BW and MC Raynor when?

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clippy hots when?

Brightwing Spyro and Hogger Crash please I need them


That always reminded me of Malefor than Spyro :slight_smile:
But close :smiley:

hogger might get a crash skin.

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But spyro has red wings.

I maintain that purple green deathwing is actually barney