Major lag on HotS


How are you supposed to send a traceroute to TS without sending copy/paste or links !? Won’t let me copy from looking glass either.


Hello Sardontis!

You should be able to copy/paste text from network tests into a forum post. You can put it between a pair of accent marks (`) for formatting.


keeps telling me I can not send links in replies


Is it possible the spam filter is picking up the inverse resolved domain names of the network nodes as links?

One might have to manually redact the top-level domain code of the resolved domain names.


It has to do with the new trust levels the forum has. WyomingMist wrote an awesome guide on this that he brought over from the Overwatch forum. If you’d like to know more about the system, check out his post.

WyomingMist Trust Level Guide

Sardontis, can you just copy and paste the results directly into the post instead of trying to post a link?