Major bug with skin selection/ownership *updated w/list

Its become well known now that yesterdays “hogger” patch seems to have removed the ability to select and play with skins owned.

I can also testify to this as I am unable to play now with many of the skins I own (simply show as greyed out, BUT still owned aka I can’t repurchase them but they DO show as “owned” in collection mode)

FOR ME the skins affected are:

Dva: Sharkmouth Goliath, Pro Dva, Elite Pro Dva
Kerrigan: Cheerleader, Dorm Cheerleader, Crimson Cheerleader
Zeratul: Unraveler, Noxious Unraveler, Ara Executioner
Diablo: All Prime Diablo Skins
Malthael: Crimson Grave Warden, Frozen Grave Warden, Spectral
Murky: Sir Murkalot
Sylvanas: Skeletal Raven, Blood Raven


All 2017 Championship Banner mounts

Rather a serious issue that is effect everybody. Just adding my voice to it too.

If anybody has skins or mounts unusable not on my list, pls add below. I can only add what I own that are unusable, I hear the sad/happy clouds for example can’t be used but i don’t own them so their not on my list.

That said I own A LOT of skins and it seems this is specific issue for specific characters/skins and not fully widespread with each hero. Although it does appear there is a pattern if one color of skin is effected than they all are (aka All Prime Diablo skins are not usable now)


Same here. I thought maybe I was mistaken, so I went to craft the skin that I was missing, and they all show as “owned” within the store, but locked/unowned on the character select screen.

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Im having the same problem with voicelines.

I bought Hoggers voicelines and it says i havent earned them yet the shard/gem purchase options are not present but are there for other VL I havent bought.

I dont have a problem with the skin as i just bought the Drowned skin for Hogger, im only having problems with the voiceline purchase via shards

Same Problem here…some of my owned Skins are missing

How can i get them back ?

Same here with Diablo’s Prime Evil skins…
I could have the same issue with other heroes, so I recommend not touching them for now.

Same same same same.

Confirming on my end. All 2017 banners, sad cloud, and I just forged the maniacal laugh for Hogger but it’s unusable (and no option to forge again).

Another oddity I noticed is that I have a pink motorcycle I didn’t have before… one of the futuristic looking ones. It didn’t have an actual name either, it looked like it was shorthand or placeholder text.

Have the same issue (unable to select some of Sylvanas skins), however I can select them but not apply them (no option to purchase, since I already own them) and in the collection they seem to be there.

Queued for a QM as Murky in a skin used regularly, “obsidian sir murkalot”, an error (if that’s the word) occurred to the effect of “you have not earned this skin” and cancelled the search. To the contrary, I HAVE earned that skin and have used it many times. I can provide proof of this from recorded matches. This, and possibly other skins I have earned may have also disappeared. They must be reinstated to my account and other compensation for this inconvenience is recommended.

Also I cant play with those DVa skins

Since Hogger patch last year many Bugs within these skins & mounts that I will need answers to know for example: can’t play as Prime Evil Diablo or Pro D.Va skins that will be Fixed on in sometime.

I know that none of my skins & mounts are Bugs you can see that Customer Support will be there.

Hey there,

For clarity, you are only unable to use these skins in draft modes such as Ranked, Unranked, and Custom lobbies with Drafts enabled correct?

I currently have no additional information at the moment, but you can refer to this pinned post on this forum for the most up-to-date information regarding this issue.

I give up about certainly post in these skins Bug in Draft modes that I would be checked.