Lunar festival event 2019

Since no one ever ask about it, time is up and yet it doesnt starts, BLIZZARD STOP BEING SO QUIET, answer the community when it should ARRIVE ??? how many days should we wait???

(just literally have no word been said about it from GM/ not a single mention, like you all complete forgot it.)

That’s not exactly a #technical-support issue and more of a #general-discussion topic.

Also probably next week on Tuesday but who knows.

you dont say. I cant create a topic anywhere else for some reason

Your account is not level 5 in game which is a requirement to post on the forums especially #general-discussion, as far as I know.

hm ok, speaking of lunar, if there is the war event from PTR about to come (soon?_), then I have no clue when the lunar is really supposed to be or they mix 'em up? makes no sense for me, or w8 the war event will be for a very short period and after lunar does?I am totally clueless. On other hand, they could’ve announced first to be Lunar then the War after the order seems legit

Maybe both events are happening together at the same time, it’s nothing new, currently we have no info about when the Lunar’s event is going to start and only theories at best, they recently extended the Toy Event for another week, best to wait for next Tuesday, it’s likely happening simply because there are skins locked behind it and it would be a bad move to see them dodge it for this current year.

While there isn’t an exact date, there’s an explanation regarding the Lunar Event here.

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