Loosing streak, winning streak, again loosing streak

Doesn’t your win streak support the claim blizzard gives you artificial ups and downs? The odds of all wins or losses for 10-12 games is extremely low.

ROFL, If I’m Alex Jones, you are a flat-earther trying to deny reality. I will never understand how desperate folks are on the forums to not believe the truth.

Can you say with a straight face that you would not have complained the same if you had a 1win 1 loss pattern over and over instead?
Or would you come saying it is MM way to “enforce 50% wr”?
What winrate do you think you deserve? 80%wr at the bare minimum?

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It’s not about winning every game, but my last (and current) losing streak was around 12 losses in a row, but the game would tell me “GoOd JoB, YoU hEaLeD BeTtEr ThAn 70% oF AvErAgE” each match.

Like that’s supposed to make up for my teammates diving solo into 5 person fights for 12 games straight. :rofl: :rofl:

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It’s not about winning, and yes I probably would complain if it was always win loss win loss.

But that isn’t the point. It’s the fact that the game would rather give you lower quality matches instead of higher quality matches if you do well, and then eventually flip-flop if you are doing poorly. If I’m “overperforming,” I don’t want to be given “underperforming” players to try and artificially get my winrate lower. It doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t belong in any game.


Oh hey look, an actual source from a dev.

Oh, but that one is just a lie, right? Because anything that can be vaguely twisted to meet your version is 100% the truth, but anything that completely disproves it is just Actiblizz propaganda.


I was wondering when someone would bring that up. It’s weird how Blizz would say one thing and then say something completely different because more people would like that version. Hey man, it’s up to you what you want to believe coming out of the mess that is the HotS dev team. Neither side will ever convince the other and Blizz will never be 100% crystal clear with us.

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That is fine and all but while there are games where you can see you are mismatched there are equal in skill games that also end up looking like stomps because of critical early mistakes.

There are tons of comps complain where comps are equal or even advatageous to the ones who lost or people complaining they lost a 25 min stomp.

The buddy system matching you with new or very bad winrate players is real and horrible not going to argue this but saying that it happens 12 games in a row is a bit pushing it.

At least we have that in common. Now excuse me, the overwhelming amount of evidence the devs are out there to get me personally is not going to wish itself into inexistence by itself.



I think the issue here is that if winrate is enforced it means that skill and aspiring to better play is irrelevant. Unless you take it as a matter of pride. But the problem with losing streaks is that losing streaks don’t balance out with winning ones. I don’t lose three games in a row and then win three games in a row. You lose 6 games in row, win 2 or three, then lose again. This is because the MM puts you progressively with teams with a much lower skill level (and when the MM goes into expanded search, you get 4 100-200s against three 2500s: no point).

The problem with enforcing a system like this is it punishes you when it punishes other players, and there’s no real reward for playing well because my next game is predetermined. So why play well at all? I can just meander in the game so long as I don’t get dropped and I’ll eventually win, eventually I’ll be given a game I can’t lose or a player who can hard carry.

Matching by MMR and winrate is incredibly lazy and incredibly flawed. Now I get that there was some bull about players not wanting to wait (so maybe play a hero that isn’t a ranged assassin…). But the MM goes to expanding search within like 20 sec, ignoring basic composition and extending the range of MMR with which to make a game for the sake of 20 or 30 more seconds of expediency. So the game structure goes out the window and regardless of MMR or skill, the game is a loss based almost entirely on the compositions that are created.

Enforce a MM that enforces the roles and there will be plenty of players who expand their hero repertoires so they can get into matches faster. Toxicity will limit (at least a little as people who only ever play Nova, Kael, Chromie will now play, occasionally, someone else).

So, yes, sweep it under the rag of “Blizz does this to me” because I am often punished for not playing the small group of powerful heroes for favour of a necessary role. I could play only Tracer, Varian, Chomie, and Qhira and pretty much end matches. But that’s not fun at all. Stomping (especially stomping noobs) as the Dev said in that awesome link (thanks, @Dysthymia) is mean-spirited and boring. It is the MOBA version of griefing: and it is actively preferred by the devs, right out of the dev’s mouth.

Honestly, the new(er) tower changes were great (in my opinion) because it made the game a tiny bit more strategic for knuckleheads who just wanted to go dick-waving into a fort and slap around, win or feed. Now you need to monitor how you approach towers and forts, and offensive play. How weird!

The whole point of game balance is so there are rarely matches that are just stomp or stomped. If you enforce that kind of game structure the only game you can develop is a toxic and unbalanced nest of ill intent.

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Except some even games skill wise can end very fast and look like a stomp.
There are uneven matches comp wise that last for an eternity because the team with the better comp plays so bad the game lasts for eons or they manage to just lose unlosable games on paper.

We players, myself included often are terribad at assessing what an even and balanced game actually is.

The buddy system is horrible the MM is not the best but we also assess badly balanced games we get.

It’s not that it is “intended”, it is just a trend you will see a lot when it comes to 50% chances.

For example, take a coin and throw it 1000 times. You will see a lot of trends like W L W L W L W L W W W W W L L L L L L W W W L L W W W L L.

It is just normal.


I approve this message.

Please stop comparing coin flips to 50% winrate…it’s false and misleading.

Matchmaking is a bloody Artificial Intelligence programmed by data scientists and engineers, comparing it to random coin flips just doesn’t make any sense. Unless you r talking about some professional Vegas coin flippers…who can manipulate coin flipping…that’s what HOTS matchmaking is.

Um, yeah. That is exactly what it is. It couldn’t possibly be a simple “find 10 people whose MMR are close and meet these simple rules” algorithm, now could it?


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The presentation was from Game Developers Conference and from a guy who used to work in Activision. Practically came straight from horse’s mouth.

You would also know that it doesn’t apply to HotS.

Since no one else has been able to answer this question, what would Blizzard gain by implementing a system such as that? What would be the point of putting in that much development effort?

Like most conspiracy theories, this is based on not wanting to accept that life can be random and unfair, or you just might not be as good as you think you are. No, it has to be some overly-complex, nefarious plot to keep you down.

Yeah, that’s it…

Emphasis mine. I suppose we could talk a bit about that complacent attitude. You know there are people with significantly higher and lower winrates than the “enforced” 50%? Main difference between these two is that the other acknowledges himself as the only constant he has control over and constantly tries to improve, if ever so little, his skills. The other submits to the fair and all knowing matchmaker, taking wins and losses as divine providence. Impotently cursing his the poor lot he received. If only he had been given a better rank in placements…

There is a long discussion in the old forum about correlation of forced 50% winrate and gaming addiction. So the point is to make people play more.

Might me true, but I guess we will never know exactly.
If you are on a winning streak you want to play more because winning is more fun than loosing and the brain rewards itself with the distribution of serotonine and dopamine leading to a better mood.
On the other hand if you are on am loosing streak you got two possibilities:
The ragequit method with leaving the game and making a break
The ambition method which let you play as long as you break the streak.
So Blizzard benefits in 2 of 3 possibilities.
A good deal so far…