Looking for teamates

I am a Smurf looking to climb back and have a solid team to wombo with and that can trust my calls very easy wins hf gl hit me up

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if you are still looking for someone message me.

needing a team to climb as a smurf KEKW

You still looking for teammate?

Hey if you are still looking for some play casual hots games while voice chat on discord feel free to add me my id is Tronica#21261, this goes for anyone who still play hots casually

are u still looking ? i main abathur

I’m pretty sure he isn’t around anymore.
Also, she is specifically looking for Li Li. I guess she is the only teamate.
I also like tea, by the way.

kilakan#2596 send me i am looking a teammate too

kilakan#2596 find me please would like to play along

kilakan#2596 напиши мне