Looking For Players to Grind StormLeague Ranks

Region LA or NA

Time Zone GMT-5

Schedule: Almost every day of the week around 8pm to 12pm

Looking for players proficient in the following heroes:

Role: Tank

Anub-Arack, Blaze, Garrosh, Mei, Stitches

Role: Bruiser

Death-Wing, Hogger, Yrel, Ragnaros

Role: Support

Abatur, Mediv, Zarya

Role: Assasin Ranged

Orphea, Kel´Thuzad, Genji, Chromie, Trazer, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Falstad

Actually can play any hero in any of the specified roles but we are looking specially for those mentioned to reinforce our composition. Must have skill and confidence in your abilities with said heroes or the role of your choice we are not competitive, but we aint casual either we aim for climbing to highranks for that you need to be good at what you do you can contact us by the blizzard app. Battle Tags: Asmodel #11976 and/or Blue9Falcon #1417.

We also grind from time to time in QuickMatch anyways we play around 2 to 5 ranked matches a day looking forward to meet you and hope we can all have a great time.