Looking for people to play with at night

28 year old dad here i mostly play when i put my kids down at like 7pm-10pm CDT (Chicago) time.
Level 75 but i can hold my own. Always placing near the top. play ARAM, looking to do rank with a party.
Looking for some people to play with during this time.
Have any questions just ask.

saddly its not in my time frame but if you dont find someone here you can easily find people of your level in general chat or looking for group chat in-game.

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I start at 9:00 or 9:30 us cent time (texas) and usually go pretty late. Right now Iā€™m high silver low gold. Could always use another to run with if you are in that range of rank. Hit me up, Yendor#11165.

Greetings we are a duo that play close to your time our main goal right now is grinding ranks or levels in both storm league and quickmatch. If youre willing to improve in the game like we are you can give us a shout at Asmodel #11976 and/or Blue9Falcon #1417.