Looking for mentor group

I would love to find a group to play with that can synergize and play well with one another… love playing but would like to take it to an other lvl. I’m open to criticism and would love to learn more and help everyone. I can always get better.

Currently I am Silver 2 but this is my only account and have been trying to play out of my lvl but its harder and toxic the most. This was my fist moba and I was really bad at the beginning and have matured a ton since then and get the game mechanics now.

I would like to find a mentor or group to take me to the next level.

Let me know,

Hey there Sagatory!
Add me; EsHotSock#2567
We are newly started community, trying for ranked mostly but are in for QM, Aram and other game modes as well in HotS!
We can sure help you as much as we are able.


I’m currently plat but i play often with my bronze / silver friends. I could gladly watch some replays and give you some tips or just play some SL games if you want.