Looking for friends to level Cho'Gall

Looking to level cho and gall
Gall is level 3
Cho is level 5
Would like to reach level 5 with gall first.
willing to help others level cho’gall to level 5 or higher

Message me “cho gall post” in game when you send a request so I know who to accept, I get a lot of random invites.

Also looking for a ranked team. currently rank 5 silver on solo que. looking to go higher. I main arthas, or anub, gul dan, KT, cassia, artanis, morales, brightwing, malf, lili, xul, sylvanas, azmodan, jaina, butcher, dehaka, mainly. then flex with all the others, 439 Player level


Hey ShadowDragon,
I was browsing the web to find players who where looking for Cho’gall players and I came accross your post… I dunno if your still willing to play Cho’gall months later? because I would like to level both to lv.5 myself… anyways let me know cheers

I’m looking for a Cho myself…