Looking for a few older players new to the game!

So I am new to the game and wanting to make a team with like minded people new to the game as well…

You must be over 25 years old and under level 60 in the game, thinking of meeting 1 to 2 times a week just to play for fun, these are for mature adults that are new to the game, LoL is a joke and this game is better and want to play with cool people

No smurfs please, message me and I will send the discord link


This game has no future. Blizzard devs are doing everyting to destroy this game. better find other game with one is supporting.


can you go into the problems the game has please

hey im a (relatively) high level player, 3-4k masters and although i can’t play with you guys, i’d be happy to give you tips or show you the ropes if you ever need me to. Feel free to ask anything, i’d be happy to welcome new players to the game :slight_smile:


yeah sure , when do you typically play?

2-3 times a week, usually in the evening or at night! If we have trouble timing with each other, feel free to ask here too!

Hi im an old vet looking for a team, im closing in on l 400, but for now just play AI

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Still looking for people to play with?

still didn’t receive your invite, feel free if you need tips.

You can send a invite to Tirom#1480.

Why come to forums to hate on people trying to enjoy a video game? Get that negativity out of here.

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I applaud the spirit of what you’re doing, but your limitations are arbitrary. (No offense meant. This is just an observation).

If folks have the right mindset, being “new” to the game won’t be an issue. The right community will provide a supportive and friendly environment for everyone.

I’m down to play addme whozdis#11285