LFG Casual Storm League

Hi all. I am not enough to think that this game is still actively developed by Blizz anymore. I am also naive to think that these forums are really active anymore. However, I still really enjoy the title. Very easy game to jump into for a match or 2 and easy to jump back out.

I still really enjoy playing it. The game modes still seem pretty active despite the fact that we still have chest box from the holiday season… If there are any like minded guys that would like like to group up maybe once or twice a week to play a few Storm League matches; I would be interested in making a little group.

Nothing hardcore. Just good ol’ casual fun. With some laughs. Here is my gamertag. Reach out if interested. Be well all!


Hi, do you play on na or eu?

I play on eu more often and I cant commit to turning up at a designated time each week but if im online at the same time I would be up for some games.