LF Team/Group or players EU

Ok so here goes, I have been playing this game for many years. I use to play to a decent lvl and manage with a team to get myself up to Platinum. Once the game kinda died down I would only ever play with 4 randoms without voice coms, which means I am around mid Silver. I can play every class, tank, healer, brsuier and ranged dmg.

If you are looking for someone that has expirance then give me a shout. Sick and tierd of randoms groups again. I can play most evenings for around 4 - 6 hours. Have a mic. ideally english speaking group.

If you leave your btag i’ll add you when i’m online next.

Hey, add me. Juxxec#2227.

I have been playing for 7 years but I never go past Silver. At first I was playing only from time to time but lately I’ve been playing more seriously, but found myself stuck with randos.

Most of the times they are not that bad. However, I get matched with premades almoast every match. They might not be premades, but they sure look like it. Like the gap is huge in the games.