LF Partner/team to climb, pref gold-silver

I was previously in gold 1 almost plat. Won nine of my placement matches this season and got put in bronze lol. Have never been able to get back since my elo reset because I didn’t play for so long. I cant get consistent wins in bronze solo, too many leavers trolls, negative nancies, people with the mechanics of 6 year olds etc. Need someone to grind with possible multiple people in silver or gold. Gam3rX#1733

Brian#17486 Placed in Gold 2, trolls and people who should be playing unranked brought me to gold 5, and I’m not having it. if you’re actually decent i’m down to play some with you, see how we do. need to be proactive on obj and staying together etc.

As a higher league player, i’d advise against “staying together” until lvl 13-16 depending on enemy team (how much they gank, how well they cover their lanes) because that means losing soak. To every player below master league, SOAK MOAR !!! Some of my silver buddies got to high plat by staying away from fights and soaking. Soak is op my friend !