Leoric - Spectral Leech not working with multiple targets

Spectral Leech at Level 13 allows basic attack damage to deal 2.5% of hero’s HP and healths Leoric for twice its amount. However, it does not seem to apply to multiple targets, so when you hit all 3 vikings, you are expected to deal 2.5% to each three of them and get back twice in health. Well, it only works for 1 target! I can see this was even reported back in 2018 and so far no fixes has been down!

Could I ask the dev team to please look at it?

Leoric cleaves until he hits a single target for increased damage and by your logic, should that attack leech double the value? It should be clear by now that the current behavior is the intended one for balancing reasons because the last change regarding this took placei back in 2019.

Cassia has a bouncing attack talent and health return talent, but hers specifically that it only works off a single target. Game tooltips aren’t very consistent but the design choices are clear, some combinations would just be too powerful.

It is a bug because if the way it is worded. It implies that it affects all targets and not just one single target.

In your example, the cleave attack would apply life steal to all heroes attacked whereas the single attack not.

I am not sure if it’s intentional or just a bug but the reading of the talent makes it look like this is a bug otherwise it should be explicitly stated.

This has not been fixed in the February 2024 patch