Leaver status bugged

i Have played 3 games now and i was suppose to only have to play one and i still have leavers

Not bugged, you have to win 3 games to clear them now, read patch notes.

So why would it say 1? I’ve been having the same issue. says i need to do 3 but ive done 6 so far and still need to do more!

I’m on my 8th qm/brawl game now and still have leavers lol and been saying that I need 1 3 games ago…

yup guess it’s 3 each time now. I didn’t read that patch note. So they should fix it to show that… Did 9 and it took of leavers for needed only 3 :wink:

No wonder why so many people stopped playing this game. FU Blizzard.

Oh nice. This time I needed 2 and I had to do 7. Please fix this for the children’s sake and not just my own.

Which patch notes? I looked back 3 patches ago and haven’t found anything on this.

You’re right, I replied to a similar thread a few days ago and afterwards went back to view the patch notes. There is just a general note on the Leaver penalty being changed but the change to Wins only is undocumented. I must have just read the blue post and automatically assumed it was documented.

Probably to stop people from afking in leaver games as well (if they do, the penalty will never clear)

's true. This one wasn’t documented in the patch notes (and I apologize if I came off as rude in that other thread; I was sort of trying to get someone else to look through the patch notes in case I missed it). It makes sense, at least until they un-derp the AI a little more, at which point I might prefer a bot to someone motivated to avoid leaver penalty.